12 Ways to Save on Holiday Travel

Spending money on travel is the best investment in yourself. But there is nothing bad about saving money on a holiday trip. Because when you go to spend a holiday in a different country your expenses would not be normal.   So you should plan your trip in a way where you can save money. Book your USA to India flights read these tips and keep these things in your mind.

Avoid the Busiest Travel Days


You should avoid the busiest days always because in these days the flight tickets are quite expensive. If it’s not urgent then try to go on other days when you can get the cheapest deals. Usually, festival seasons and new year is the busiest time to travel and at this time you will get the tickets booked at higher prices. So check the calendars properly and plan your trip accordingly.

Check for Business-Class Fares


Sometimes business-class flight fares are lesser than expected, so don’t forget to check them once. In holidays business people take a break this is the reason behind the low prices of business class flights.on the other hand, even if you are traveling in a long haul flight then spending a little more on business class is not a bad idea.

Find a or Aggregator


Try a travel agent, you might get the best deals sometimes.  Some agents also try to fool you so choose your agent carefully. Also crosscheck on aggregator websites like Trippact, Flydealfare, Mintfares, and Kayak. They also provide you best and reasonable deals.

Look for Coupons Package Deals


Try to book travel packages because sometimes you get cheap and great deals. On the other hand, if you book separately each thing then this deal would be costly for you. You can book your tickets, hotels or cars altogether. Also, have a look at coupons, sometimes coupon codes help you a lot in saving money.

Travel During a Dead Week


Plan your tour during dead week, this is the week after major winter holidays. This time is technically not for holidays but if you want cheap flight tickets you can choose these days from the calendar.

Don’t Purchase Tickets in Advance


Flight fares keep on increasing or decreasing so if you are going on a trip then book a few days before your scheduled date. The reason behind that fare prices can go low even before a few days of your flight. So have patience and wait for the right time. Simply just make your holiday plan flexible.

Use Credit Cards


If you are a credit card user then don’t hesitate to make use of your credit card. It will provide you extra perks. Airlines and other service providers give extra offers to credit card users.

You can also use your already existing reward points to book your flight tickets.

Use Social Media


If you are planning to explore a different country then don’t rely only on the websites also check social media. Sometimes you will get better deals over there. Also, try to communicate with the natives of that country. It may appear very helpful to you on your trip. They can help you in a number of things without charging anything from you.

Have a Meal Plan


Food is the most important thing about your trip. So there is no need to spend unnecessarily on your food. Just keep some snacks with you in case of an emergency, so that you don’t have to pay higher prices for food. Keep some dry fruits along with you. It will help you during weather problems and traffic jams like situations.

Prefer Travelling Overnight


Traveling overnight costs you less as compared to day time flights. So you prefer overnight flights in case you want to save on travel. It will save your hotel money also because while traveling at night you don’t need to book a hotel.

Use Public Transport


Always try to use public transport when you are exploring a new country it will save your money a lot. Rather than going for personal cabs go to public buses, trains or do carpooling.

Put a Fare Alert on your Phone


When you know that you are planning your trip then subscribe to a fare telling website and put the alert on your mobile. Whenever there would be a change in the fare you will get notified automatically.

These are some basic methods of saving on your holiday travel.

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