10 Best Travel Tips to Survive During a Long Journey

Long-haul journey! Some may love it but it is tedious so people hate it to sit more than 6 hours.

There comes a time when you have to go on a long-haul journey. Those, who hate the long travel don’t miss the following tips to survive during a long haul international journey. These tips will help you out in reaching the ground relaxed and refreshed.

1, Book the comfy seats:


For a long haul journey, you must book a seat that feels comfortable to you. Window or aisle seats are best for that. At these seats, you can sleep easily and even you are not disturbed by others from both sides as in middle seats.

2, Grab business class flights:


For a relaxing and luxurious trip, you should go for a business class flight. In return for some extra amount of money, you are going to be pampered by the airline. Delicious food, fine wine, extra legroom, spacious seat, is what you need in a long journey.

3, Charge your phone:


Make sure your phone is properly charged to accompany you in the flight. During the journey, you can enjoy the movie, games, or any TV show which you usually see. It can keep you calm and away from the humdrum.

4, Pack neck pillow:


If you are one of them who used to sleep in the flight then you must pack a neck pillow. No, all the airlines provide pillow and blankets so be sure to pack them by yourself in your carry-on.

5, Wear loose clothes:


It is not necessary to wear your fashionable dress on the flight. No one is going to notice you that far. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable when flying. Such clothes can easily adapt to the temperature of the cabin as you fly. Also, the shoes should not be too tight because they may cause swelling at high altitudes due to sitting for a long time.

6, Bring your own snacks:


You will be provided snacks and meal within intervals of time by the crew members. But, it is good to keep your own snacks as you are used to them and it does not make any health issue to you. The airline also provides good quality food but sometimes it may not fit according to your choice.

7, Stay Hydrated in the whole journey:


Most people get anxious and end up with a headache. The main reason is they forget to drink water. Keep a water bottle with yourself and drink after a regular interval of time. If it gets empty ask a crew member to refill it.

8, Keep some medicines:


Keep some medicines with yourself for an unpleasant situation. Some people don’t have that strong immune system to prevent bacteria and flu. So, you can take medicines for such time. Before sitting you can clean up the seat to avoid germs and other bacteria.

9, Avoid Caffeine:


Taking caffeine may cause you sleeping issue which is not a good thing for a long-haul flight. Avoid using caffeine before the day of departure and during the flight. It will help you in getting a good sleep during the journey.

10, Pick Night Flights:


Pick the night flights so you can pass the maximum time by sleeping. No need to worry about what to do in the whole journey just pick your eye mask plug noise free headphones and go to sleep.

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