3 Reasons Why You Should Visit India At Least Once

India is one of the great heritage and ancient countries in the world. Being a huge country it has many unique features. Here you can find a unique culture, tradition, faith in God, and amazing beliefs. So, if you are planning to make your holiday trip and expect to enrich it with a lot of memories then India can be a good option for you. Find the flight deals from USA to India so you can travel in the budget.

Here are the reasons for what you should visit India at least once:

Diverse Culture:

Diverse and Unique Indian culture has become eminent all over the world. After traveling India you won’t return home quite the same. Many tourists are impressed by unique custom and tradition of India.

  • You will see the customs of joint families Entire members of the family living in the same house; is a part of Indian culture.
  • Indian Ethnic wear also attracts many tourists here. All men and women wear clothes related to their tradition and religion such as Sari, Kurta Pajama and many more.
  • Dance Style: Every Indian state has own traditional dance style and each one is appreciated. Such as Sattriya from Assam, Kathakali from Kerela, Bharatnatyam from Tamil Nadu and many more.

Tea Plantation:

Get a tea break on various places of India. No matter for where you are planning your vacation; tea estates will give a unique experience. Check the flight deals from USA to India and explore following tea estates:

  • Mancotta Tea Estate located in the upper state of Assam. Experience varieties of lush tea gardens spread over the wide area.
  • Glenburn Tea Estate in West Bengal has slopes of green tea gardens. View the majestic sights of Glenburn Tea Estate; a popular tourist destination.
  • Kolukkumalai Estate Tea Factory in Kerala includes a posh tea garden. It is the highest tea estate in the world. A very famous spot is a tea museum in Nallathanni Estate.

Real Paradise Kashmir:


More than a picture perfect background scenes Kashmir have a lot more. In the valley of Kashmir feel the beauty of scenic mountains, sparkling lakes, and colorful tulips.

  • For adventurous and peaceful beauty visit Gulmarg. It is a popular tourist destination due to tranquil landscape and lot of adventure activities.
  • Dal Lake is a top attraction located in Srinagar. It is famous for its sparkling water and the ride on thin canopied boats called Shikaras.
  • Amarnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mughal Gardens, and Mount Haramukh is also must visit places here.

If you are also looking for a holiday that doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets then India is the best place. It is an affordable city with rich art, culture, and tradition. It has a lot for you to learn. So check out the flight ticket deals on Trippact and book your ticket at affordable prices.

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