4 Best Places in India for Solo Travelers

Sometimes in our lives, a situation appears when we want to move away from all things. At that time we just want to go somewhere alone where we can find peace. Nowadays solo traveling is gaining popularity. But the thing is where you can go alone? Here we come with the information of the places which you can explore alone. Find the flight deals from USA to India and pick your bags for a solo journey.

Sikkim Gompas:

The rich culture and diverse culture of Sikkim makes it a magical state. Beautiful scenery, green meadow, crystal clear lakes, and towering mountain ranges make it a beautiful destination.

  • Buddha Park: It is situated at the Southern Sikkim featuring a 40m high Buddha statue. It was constructed on the 2550th birth anniversary of Lord Gautama Buddha in 2006. The place is surrounded by the scenic charm of natural beauty.
  • Resum Gompa, Silnon Gompa, and Rumtek Gompa are famous spiritual Buddha spots to explore. Many tourists are attracted by its peaceful delight.

Churu Rajasthan:

The people of Rajasthan are very friendly so you will feel good here. This place can be a good destination for solo travelers. This place is the gateway to the desert of Rajasthan.

  • This place has a collection of the grand palaces of havelis and a 400-year-old fort which serves as a popular attraction for tourists.
  • The havelis of Churu is a visual delight with great architecture. Unique antiques, the opulence of the Jain temple are awesome. Sethani ka Johra which is a water reservoir is a good place to sit and enjoy the place.

Ziro Valley:

Ziro Valley located in Arunachal Pradesh is a great holiday spot for solo travelers. Its stunning beauty lies in its cool weather.

  • Talley Valley Wildlife Century is a good place to see; you can discover the wide range of species, flora, and fauna.
  • Meghna Cave temple is an ancient temple in Ziro. It is located around 300 feet above the ground level offering the view of mountains, forests, and lush greenery. More than this there are many tourist sites such as Midey, Ziro Puto and Dolo Mando.

Bodh Gaya:

Bodh Gaya is located in Bihar where a lot of tourists come for meditation and silence. It is the place of Prince Siddhartha who attained enlightenment under a tree.

  • Bodhi tree is the famous tree under which Buddha used to meditate. There is a great Buddha statue meditating and resting on a giant lotus.
  • Also, there is a Tibetan Market for shopping. Rather than meditation and visiting these sites you can go shopping. Here you can buy winter wears, accessories, and handicrafts.

You can enjoy these places due to its beauty and even safety. These are the trouble-free and hassle-free spots for solo travelers.  Pick the flight deals from USA to India from Trippact and get around these famous destinations.

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