5 reasons to pack your bag and escape to travel in India?

The famous Harvard Business Review studied research done on 500+ working American citizens to foreign travel. The research showed explicit signs of improvement in the ability of immediate attention and energy. Comparable research conducted in China gives obvious signals of an increase in creativity, trust, emotional agility and empathy when you travel to a new place.

Such are the gains of traveling to a foreign country dropping back the same old crawled lifestyle.

Recollect! When you travel you learn how to function in diverse conditions and showcase appropriate verbal and nonverbal signs of emotions. You must be wondering “Why spend my Hard Earned Dollar on Going to a location I really don’t know about.” “Why not Go to the beach we went to last year” or “Our favorite club nearby”

That’s human nature as we choose to often spend our Dollars on comfort, predictability, and relaxation. But to earn real benefits of traveling one should leave the comfort zone like we leave the footprints on the sand, be naked in front of uncertainty, and free your mind for exploration and learning.

Why is that the 365 days at the office are the same rather each day of traveling abroad is different?

Look! When you go to places, unfamiliar countries you have no traces of the cities, towns, or countries – You start to become more tolerant.

Discomfort becomes your new friend and confidence boosts in your belly when you navigate to places! Every experience becomes a new event that is far better than all your old experiences.

Do you become more emphatic while traveling?

YES! You do.

Here is the reasoning behind it. You have a huge cultural shift when you travel to book your flights to countries like India, Europe, Russia or Sri Lanka. Thrust travel into foreign countries and you will likely adapt to the new your ability to suspend judgment about a person. This is true, as per research you learn this trait.

Can traveling also alter my attitude towards Colleagues and Friends back home?


When you travel overseas you learn to be tolerant and trust more strangers. When this happens there is a paradigm shift in your personality and attitude. This further leads you to advance towards your Colleagues and Friends back home.

But what about Creativity?

You become more creative,  as traveling demands your soul to let things happen as they are happening, it challenges you to take the path less traveled and follow what your heart thinks is right. Here is the famous quote of Robert Frost on choosing the road less trave;.


5 Solid Reasons to get your tickets to India in 2020

India is the country of 1.2 billion people which can enlighten you, surprise you, astonish you, and make your stay in the Ashrams of yogis or Palaces of kings.

It’s a visual explosion of bright saris, lumbering cows, somewhere you see the beautiful flora and fauna, and at other places, you see mountains of sands and bursts of sunlight.

This yearbook our tickets from the USA to India and let the traveler inside of you be free

It is a delight to travel to India, here is the list of reasons for you to visit the country

  • It’s Cheap

In the case of price competitiveness, India ranks 10th best in the list of countries. A little drop in the value of Rupee(Indian currency) against the dollar, means your trip to India becomes cheaper.

Luxurious accommodation is relatively affordable, eating out and traveling via train or bus is peanuts in India. When you book your flight ticket with a little plan you can get cheap flights to India with ease.

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  • There is delicious food

There is no other country in the world that can offer a wide variety of cuisine like that in this country. The food is diverse in all regions, delicious with a melange smell, and tastes exceptional. Check out our blog on Indian Food.

  • 38 World Heritage Sites and Stay in a Palace

India is home to 38 World Heritage sites. Taj Mahal is one of the 7 seven wonders of the world. You can also experience the lavish and luxurious lifestyle of kings in Rajasthan. Check out our blog on top historic places.

  • Experience

Build memories and be uncomfortable while trekking in the Himalayan mountains, get lost in the beauty of nature as you cruise Kerala’s backwaters, visit the incredible wildlife.

Wonderful railway journeys, get your soul refreshed by swimming in the river Ganges, spark your intellect at a boozy literary festival, and get enlightened by visiting the temple that will restore your faith in humanity.

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  • Good air Connectivity

Almost all the major International airports connect with flights to India. For cheap flight tickets to India, you must book your flights for airports that have more frequency.

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Here are the list of top 4 airports of India –

  • Indira Gandhi International Airport            Delhi
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport           Mumbai
  • Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru
  • Chennai International Airport

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Traveling is a bliss! We expect to see the change soon in the business culture and personal trips that are designed to maximize comfort and minimize uncertainty. These vacations get replaced by traveling to new places that are an excellent source of self-development.

What workplaces now need are people who are comfortable being uncomfortable,  creative, understanding, and have empathy towards others. These people are the ones who create something new rather than setting for a change. This is the new work culture.

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