6 must-go states in India to get your Social Media on Fire

Traveling has always been an integral part of everyone’s bucket list. If you write down your THINGS-TO-DO list, It will have one or more places your soul wants to visit alone or with someone. That is what we mean by soul food.

Social Media, on the other hand, is interrupting every field that possibly exists. Take out your phone, browse your feeds. Most of the pictures or videos you have are either with your loved ones or when you were traveling.

Prior it was different when people used to go-out, snap a few pictures, traverse the destination. Got the pictures framed to place it on the vacant wall.

Compare it with scenario now just with one click pictures can reach billions of people. If you are one of the modern travelers or looking forward to your journey of new-age travel influencer, book your cheap flight tickets to India to get mesmerized.

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10 Seconds Guide to the post:

  • The Paradigm Shift
  • The Remarkable merger (Social Media and Traveling)
  • 7 amazing state of India for Photoshoot
  • Top tourist spots.
  • Gallery of the best travel photos in India

The Paradigm Shift:

“Tourism is an information-intense industry” (Sheldon, 1997; Werthner & Klein, 1999) therefore it is of utmost importance to understand that any change in technology and

consumer behavior can impact the distribution and accessibility of travel-related information.

The launch of Facebook(2007) was the first major aperture for social media. The primary major shift in the field of technology that led to drastic change in consumer behavior.

The transformation was un-imaginable. Never did anyone imagine in the 100th part of the second of the mass market to evolve. People quickly got used to  Facebook. Soon everyone began to present their most loved Movies, Food Habits, Friend Circle, Family Members on the platform in photographs and text. This further led to the next step of traveling stories on this platform.

After the launch of Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube traveling and social media merged like butter on bread because, if you send 10 people on a trip and each of them is going to have a different experience, a different story.

The Major Merger (Social Media + Traveling)

This further led to the development of different technological interfaces such as search engines, online travel booking sites, Websites of favorite destination and content marketing organizations. These platforms started to provide 360-degree information exchange between online travelers and the so-called ‘online tourism domain” on Social Media.

With a large amount of information available to travelers, Social Media has become an influential platform for information exchange between the consumer and industry suppliers information of hotels, transportation sectors, Flight booking companies, etc.

The old-style word of mouth travel recommendation has gone to the next level. People(Consumers) frequently check their Social Media channels for travel inspiration and validation. The invaluable trust via a genuine recommendation from a friend post has a huge impact on choosing a trustworthy travel place, food destination on their friend’s social post.

Our bond with social media has mixed so well that our decision-making process is satisfied on social media before, during and after the vacation.

 Here is the Data to support this Shift –

30% – U.S. travelers check out social media to find trip inspiration

40% – UK Millennial travelers say they consider how instagramable a location is when trip planning

40% – all online bookings are now coming through a mobile device

74% – travelers use social media while on vacation

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Does India offer Social Media friendly Traveling space?

India is a divergent country, call it the land of spirituality, yoga, spices, color, food, or languages. It is also home to desert, wildlife, excessive human life, lakes, rivers, the tallest mountain, sand dunes and a lot of most suitable places for your social media.

This country is ready to fill your social media appetite with its diversity. If you are planning to book your flights to India keep in mind the top 6 Social Media mind-boggling places in India.


“Experience the houseboat journey, let your boat glide on the beautiful rivers of Kerala. Delight your tongue with ethenic food and soul with the mesmerizing beauty.”

If you want your social media post to go lush green with breathtaking sceneries it is the best place to visit. Acknowledged by many as God’s own Country, you can update your bucket list with the best traveling destination this year.

This state retains its No.1 position on Facebook Tourism in India & Asia. With a total of 3.48 million followers on Facebook, Kerala is breaking records on Social Media and emerging as the most followed tourism page in South Asia and also overtaking Tourism Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand by a healthy margin.

Here are a few scenarios of Kerala which are perfect gems for your social media post.

Best Photography places in Kerala –

  • Athirappilly Waterfalls
  • Bekal Fort
  • Munnar Tea Gardens
  • Muzhappilangad Beach
  • Poovar Beach
  • Wayanad Ghat
  • Kovalam Beach
  • Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary


“Let your heart beat a little more while witnessing the huge statues and tourist spots in Gujarat. Witness the largest white desert, be a part of the Kite & Navratri festival. Take pictures, collect memories and let the world react to the stories you have lived in real.”

The lands of legends and lions, the World’s largest white desert, shore temples, ancient Budha caves, Harappan citadels more than 4,000 years old and handicrafts and handlooms trail, Sounds like the perfect tourist place?

This state is the perfect blend of art, history, music, rich heritage and culture. Gujarat is the second most viewed place on Facebook with more than 1 million followers. This site is perfect and safe for your next family destination or some romantic shoots.

Best Photography places in Gujarat-

  • Wilson Hills
  • Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park
  • Dwarka
  • Saputara
  • The Great Rann Of Kutch
  • Polo Forest
  • Nal Sarovar Lake
  • Kite Festival
  • Navratri Festival


“The land of Dunes, Lakes, Royalty, and Heritage. Once you come to Rajasthan, goodbyes are tougher, as the people, culture, and food of this state will melt your heart.”

Rajasthan is one of the most ethnically rich states in the whole world.

Welcome to the world of heritage, the largest state of India can be your perfect destination to leave your followers in awe. Each city in this state gives a different palate of food, vast transformation of culture. The top tourist spots to visit in Rajasthan at Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Mount Abu, and Ajmer/Pushkar. This place is also the most sought out place for pre-wedding photoshoots.

Best Photography places in Rajasthan (with Style of Photography)

  • Jodhpur – Cultural
  • Udaipur – Architecture
  • Pushkar – Wildlife and Culture
  • Jaisalmer  – Landform, Nature and Culture
  • Jaipur  – Culture and Architecture
  • Mount Abu – Nature
  • Sawai Madhopur – Architecture and Wildlife


“When you click pictures at parties, market, beaches, water sports spots, and the local Goa, your heart shouts – THAT’S PERFECT.”

The party place of India has a lot of tourist spots to make your Instagram light with fire. In Goa, Photography and Videography lovers can take charming photos during summers.

Goa is all about peaceful churches, mesmerizing beaches and beautiful forts that are less crowded during summer. Then you have all the time in the world to capture beautiful moments.

Best Photography places in Goa

  • Calangute Beach
  • Market
  • Baga Beach
  • Anjuna Flea Market
  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Vagator Beach
  • Fort Aguada
  • Anjuna Beach
  • Aguada Beach
  • Mapusa Market
  • Saturday Night Market
  • Chapora Fort

The 7 sisters of India

“Roller coaster roads down the hill, huge green lands as far as you can see, multi-color aromatic flowers, sweet people and refreshing air, these states in the Northeast are always hard to explain in words.”

The 7 sisters of India includes the states of

  • Meghalaya
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Nagaland
  • Tripura
  • Assam
  • Manipur
  • Mizoram

You will fall in love with the beauty as when you arrive here everything is on a mountain – Houses, shops, the vehicle they all try to fit in there at the welcoming hills. Are you someone who loves to click a lot of pictures? Every year, thousands of photo lovers visit these places for a clicking holiday. So when you are booking your Last Minute flight Deals to India this year don’t forget to a few backup batteries too. You will have a lot to click.

Best Photography places in 7 states of India

  • Majuli, the River Island in Assam
  • Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, the Wettest Place on Earth
  • Krem Liat Prah, the Longest Natural Cave in Meghalaya
  • Kaziranga National Park in Assam
  • Loktak Lake, the Floating Lake in Manipur
  •  Tawang, the Hidden Paradise in Arunachal Pradesh
  • Bomdila, a Marvel of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Unakoti and Ujjayanta in Tripura
  • Jampui Hills of Tripura
  • Bamboo Dance, Mizoram


“Everything linked to nature starts to make sense in Uttrakhand, clouds combining with mountains, mountains making love with the rivers, and the river is flowing down to people who believe the river to be holiest in the world, The Ganges.”

Capturing mountains, rivers, and buildings is easy. What’s hard is to seize emotions, feelings, and beliefs in a snap. When you are in Uttrakhand, you can capture the traditional culture, feelings, and beliefs of people in one shot.

Click numerous photos at the famous temples, cities, and cafes of Uttrakhand.  Kasar Devi a place explored by the legends like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, and Swami Vivekananda.

The temple of the billionaire Kainchi Dham is popular because of the famous Hindu saint Neeb Karoli Baba. Who was the magnet to the westerners. Popular people who stayed in Kanchi Dham were Steve Jobs, Mark Zukerberg and Larry Page.

Best Photography places in Uttarakhand –

  • Ranikhet
  • Binsar
  • Almora
  • Jim Corbett National Park
  • Auli
  • Pithoragarh
  • Chakrata
  • Dehradun
  • Mussoorie
  • Nainital
  • Kainchi Dham and Kasar Devi

Gallery of the Trending travel photos in India

So, pack your bags, browse for the best flight deals to India, and click the best moments in the land of sublime natural beauty and serene spirituality.


1. Which state has the best Pre-wedding shoot in India?

All the states of India give a unique touch to your photo. Though the most popular states visited by tourists are Rajasthan, Gujrat, Goa and Uttrakhand.

2. Is public Photography allowed at tourist/religious places in India?

Yes, most of the tourist spots are free to click. Incase of restriction it will be mentioned at the entrance.

3. Can we hire a local photographer in India at all the above places?

Yes, this can be easily done. You can browse the nearby photography service provider

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