8 Blunders You Should Avoid on an Airplane

Discovering new places is one of the most amazing things a traveler loves. Traveling is fun for them but it can cause trouble sometimes. How travel can be troublesome?

There are some common habits and mistakes that can spoil your travel fun. These habits must be avoided in the plane otherwise you may have to suffer. Also, keep the courteous behavior so that other passengers and flight attendants don’t get irritated with you.

Even when you have booked a cheap flight ticket then let me tell you that low-cost carriers are poorly maintained and are not hygienic up to your desires.

Avoid these blunders on the plane to earn some good points:

Don’t walk barefoot: Mostly, people find it comfortable to walk in the plane bare feet. They are not aware of the thing that the plane is not so hygienic to wander here and there barefoot. So, do not take off your shoes to avoid picking up bacteria through your feet.

Don’t put your feet on the Armrests: No matter how much long your journey is going to be; don’t ever use armrests to place your feet above. It seems unpleasant to your neighbor and even it justifies your poor behavior.

Don’t Kick the seats: Some people have the habit of moving their legs. In the flights, it seems uncomfortable to sit for a long time in a congested place. So, passengers mostly place their feet over the back of their front seats. Don’t do that because you don’t know how the front passengers feel if someone is digging on their back of the seat.

Don’t sit continuously: Long journey definitely means sitting on your seats for a long interval. It may lead to blood clot so avoid doing so. You can stretch your legs and arms even while sitting on the seat. Don’t forget to stand up from the seat and move yourself to take a short walk in the plane. If your neighbor is sleeping then don’t disturb them you can simply stand up at your place.

Don’t forget to drink water: Flying at altitudes is not easy as there may be a problem in breathing and minor health issues. Staying hydrated is most important at high altitudes otherwise you may have to face anxiety and parched throat. You can ask the crew member to bring a glass of water to you or keep a bottle with yourself and refill it when gets empty.

Don’t be a binge drinker: Most of the airline provides cocktail and premium wine that you must taste. But, long haul means to you may want to take it more due to tiredness and long sitting. You must take care because one drink on the plane is equivalent to two on the ground. Alcohol is dehydrating and at planes, it hits faster so avoid guzzling drink.

Don’t eat from the tray table: Although there are some people who don’t even think of being hygienic. They are the one who doesn’t care to pick the food fallen on the tray table and eat it. It is a super weird thing that your neighbor will notice. If you don’t want to be the center of frowned upon people then take care of your gestures while eating.

Don’t turn off the air vent: No matter if you are feeling little chilled due to an air vent. Don’t be selfish and set the air vent at medium rather than switching it off because the other person may feel not so good for that.

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