9 Best ways to Pass the Quality time at Airport

When it comes to staying at airports, it seems very boring. At a long layover, there is a number of activities you can do for transforming the boredom into something interesting act.

You can relax at that time and even here are wonderful ways to spend the quality time at the airport while waiting for your USA to India flight.


1, Do some light exercise:

There is a fitness center available at the airport where you can pass the day by doing some stretch and exercise. Some of them are 24 hours open so you may enter anytime to hit the gym. Dealing with long haul flight means you are going to stay on a seat for long hours and thus it is going to be helpful if you stretch your body before the journey.

2, Enter a lounge:

Find a lounge around you and feel like home. You can enter a lounge for a small fee and spend your hours on a comfy seat while reading a newspaper, magazine. Also, there are many facilities available such as free wi-fi access, food buffet, feature shower, and movies.

3, Reach the Sleeping Section:

Some of the airports have made the sleeping section for the comfort of travelers. If you also find it messy and disturbing to sleep at the airport then reach the sleeping section. Here you can find a comfy chair made especially for travelers to take a good nap while waiting for their flight.

4, Free wi-fi Access:

Check the free wi-fi area at the airport. Take advantage of free wi-fi access provided to the people. You can browse the internet and also download the movie of songs to listen to onboard.

5, Go for a free-city tour:

While waiting for your next flight some of the airports provide a free-city tour to the passengers. Go for the short tour rather than sitting at the airport. The best part is that you are going for the trip free of cost.

6, Walk around the airport:

Get up and go for a walk around the airport. There are walking paths through the terminals at some airports. If you are in one of them then you are the lucky one. If you are struck at USA airport then let us know you Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and Boston’s Logan Airport have a walking path for you while waiting for the flight to India.

7, Free-airport activities: 

Some of the airports provide free airport activities. Some of the well-known are Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport for live music series, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport has two free yoga studios, San Francisco International Airport for “Wag Brigade” a Puppy Bowl with interactive gaming.

8, Get some stuff to eat:

You can chow down while waiting for your flight to India. It is not a good idea to enter hungry on a flight. Some airlines don’t include food with the ticket so it is a nice time to have some before the flight to avoid expenses. Also, some people won’t find it good to eat at altitudes because at high altitudes taste buds changes and food doesn’t seem so good.

9, Play a Game:

If you are done with all the above activities then you can enjoy some active moments. Playing a game will make you feel relaxed and can drop all your stress of flight. Not mentally even physical you will feel refreshed.

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