9 Clever Car Rental Hacks That’ll Save You Money

On a long trip, it is not possible to take your car along with you. But have you ever thought about car hire  services? What can be better than hiring a car on rent to explore different parts of a country, especially when you are planning a trip to a country like India? So book your flights to India  and apply these clever car rental hacks that will save your money.

Get a Better Rate Even after You’ve Booked


If you have booked a flight to India which is non-refundable and now you see another flight at better prices then it is not possible to cancel your ticket. But this is not the case with car hire. Some car hire companies allow you to pre-book car without any charges. So in case if you see better car hire rates then you can cancel the pre-existing booking. Always go for this kind of booking.

Look for Coupon Codes


Before booking tickets don’t just go and pay directly without any pre-research. Do some homework, look whether the website is providing any coupon codes or not! If they are then don’t hesitate to apply coupon codes.

Check Rates on Multiple Versions of Website


To get better deals you should also check multiple versions of the website. E.g if you are hiring a car on a website name trippact then check offers on www.trippact.com and the country version of that website i.e domain name with .in(if you are in India) or .ca (if you are in Canada). You will see the difference in prices.

Take Advantage of Group Memberships


There are some groups in every country which provides car hire. So be a member of these kinds of groups and get an extra discount on bookings. But don’t rely only on group memberships, there are other generous offers are also available.

Book Your Car as Part of a Package


When you are going on a long haul journey it is obvious that you will need to hire a car, so why not book flight tickets, hotel and car hire together. You will get better offers and more discounts. It will help you to save money.

Get a One-Way Rental for Free or Cheap Prices


When you hire a one-way rental car then you will get charged way too much. They charge you money for coming back as well. In this case, avoid hiring a driver as well. Some companies provide you the option of driving yourself. If you can drive yourself then do it and save a huge amount of money.

Join a Loyalty Program


If you take the membership of any of your favorite car company’s loyalty program then there are chances of getting more discounts. So search carefully on google before hiring any rental car.

Use Credit Card


A credit card is really helpful when you book by using a credit card. You will get extra points on the usage of a credit card. So if you have one try to use it for hiring a car on rent.

Don’t Overpay for Gas


Some car companies pre-charge you for fuel. This can be a terrible deal. Don’t fill gas or fuel near the airport. It would be quite expansive.  Rather than this go few miles away from the airport you will get the gas or fuel at way too less prices.

These are some car rental hack that will save your money. And this amount is not less, it can be the price of your one-sided flight ticket. Go get your car in a new country too and make your travel a wonderful experience.

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