9 Tips of Safety for a Solo Women Traveler in India

Be it a vacation trip or business meeting there comes a time when everyone has to travel alone. Women who travel alone should be strong and independent otherwise traveling international all alone is not so easy. You must know how to take care of yourself from strange situations and unnecessary hassles. Before the trip keep an eye on the last minute update of your flight so that if any changes occur you should be ready for it. India is a vast country with diverse culture. Traveling here alone is not so easy, so here we are with necessary tips for women traveling from USA to India:

Secure Necessary Documents: Take the necessary documents like a boarding pass, passport, ID proof, passport size photographs in a kit. Place the kit at a place from where it is easily accessible. All the liquids must be placed inside a quart-size plastic bag for the ease of screening process.

Pack the Bag Smartly: Most of the people get stuck while packing their bags. They wish to take everything with themselves. Pack according to days and weather. For each day pick a different dress and a night suit according to the climate of destination. More than this will be just a burden for you. Put some medicine, flip-flop and a travel kit with your daily essentials in your bag. That is enough for you to pack.

Leave your valuable and costly items at Home: Don’t go with your costly accessories and jewels for the trip it may cause trouble for you. Keep your designer clothes, branded shoes, and expensive things at home there is no need to carry such things. For a vacation trip, you only need comfortable clothing.

Take care of yourself: Take care of what you eat and drink in the flight. USA to India is a long-haul journey and you will get enough food and drink. You should note your diet and eat healthy food only. Otherwise, your health condition may fall. Even when you reach the destination don’t eat the oily street food and drink the mineral water only.

Take backpack rather than a rolling suitcase: Traveling alone means you should be capable of carrying your own bags by yourself. You should be agile and quick on your own feet. You never know when you need to run for your bus or train. For this, I suggest a backpack is far better than a suitcase because it is handy to keep. The rolling suitcase can create a hassle in staircases and crowded places.

What for Thieves? Traveling alone means to take care of each thing by yourself. Don’t keep too much cash with yourself. You may be a victim of thieves in an unknown place. Having more than one card is a good idea for international travel. Whenever you lack in money you can use them instead of keeping more cash.

Wear according to Place: Explore the place by being a real traveler. Wear clothes similar to locals and discover the places. By this way, you will look like a local traveler and thus can visit the surrounding comfortably. Don’t pretend to be alone and shy if you feel unpleasant. Avoid the place which does not feel safe for a woman.

Being alert is the best weapon: No one can harm you if you are alert all the time. Keep noticing if anyone is following you or keeping an eye on you. If such a situation comes, then pick the crowd places to explore. Just smile and experience the beauty of traveling alone. Smart traveler is one who explores everything, beats the problem and enjoys every moment.

For your next travel use these tricks to make the trip better.

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