A Proper Guide of an Unplanned Trip for the Last Minute Flight

If an emergency occurs, you need to travel immediately but how to pack fast? This situation may take place anytime in anybody’s life. For travel, you may get a last minute flight but you have to prepare for travel as fast as possible. At that time you may be frazzled, exhausted, and stressed.

Here’s step by step information for what you should pack for emergency travel:

First of all, pick a right-sized bag that is easy to carry and allowed as carry-on in the flights. Then put the personal items and important stuff in it.

Essentials Include:


  • Medications, passport, ID proof, credit cards, debit cards, and some cash.
  • Carry a cell phone, charger, and power bank. You can skip the tablet, laptop if it is not necessary.


Pack the clothing:


  • Roll the clothes into your bag according to the number of days, weather, and season.
  • Put a pair of shoes, socks, sweater/ jacket (if needed), trousers, t-shirt, and other essentials.


Some useful items:


  • Don’t miss the items such as toothbrush, sanitizer, paste, water bottle, skincare products, sunscreen, and shampoo.


Tips for Finding Emergency Flight:


For the last minute flight, you need a proper strategy and trick but fail when you are totally puzzled due to lack of time. What to do in that situation?

Here we have a solution for you:

There is no guarantee of getting a standby ticket if you still wait at the airport and you can’t take a risk. So, take the option of checking online websites. Call the travel agent and ask them to book a flight for you. They deal with such situation daily and thus can provide you last minute flight without much hassle.

They offer last minute deals which will make you book at low cost otherwise the cost of booking at the last minute are sky high. Travel agents know what options are available and they can help you in booking with the cheapest fares possible. Use the miles if you are a frequent flier, it is the best way to cut down the cost of your journey.

Low-cost carriers:


There are many airlines that are considered low-cost carriers. Check out the websites of those airlines to book a flight such as Alaska Airlines and Southwest.

Medical emergency flight options: Some airlines provide special offers in case of emergency. They have specific rules in case of a medical emergency.

  • Delta Airline’s Emergency policy : Delta’s medical emergency policy offers additional flexibility with the best fare to its passengers.
  • Lufthansa Special Fare: In case of death in abroad, Lufthansa offers special fare discounts to the family members. But it is valid if the journey starts in the USA or Canada.
  • Bereavement Fare by Air Canada: Bereavement fare is offered to the family members only which occur within 10 days of booking and must not exceed 60 days.

In case you have already traveled and want to request for reduced bereavement rate you can do so. Some airlines provide you such option if you have the proof of death or medical emergency.

With the application attach the proof that can be a

  • Copy of the death certificate
  • Statement of Death issued by the coroner
  • Letter from the attending physician or hospital
  • Registration of Death issued by a provincial government

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