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What kind of Airline experience you can expect in 2019?

2019 has arrived with the changes in the rules &regulations of baggage, ticket and many more policies of the airlines. Here we are with some of the changes that you are going to face while air travel. So, fly from USA to India with a new experience.

Seat assignment of Preferred Economy:

In the flights, everyone is well familiar with the Economy and Economy Plus class. But, what if I tell you to have a new option of “Preferred Economy”? It is just made to provide better facilities to the passengers. If you ask for the special seats such as aisle, window and even middle seats near the cabin then you have to pay extra charges for it.

The preferred seat selection scheme for Economy Class passengers is available on select routes operated by Air India

Delta allows their most valued customers with preferred seats. These can be complimentary any time after ticketing for various options such as:

  • Medallion SkyMiles member
  • SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus partner members
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Gold members
  • Alaska Airlines MVP and MVP Gold members

Emirates: They have their preferred seats at the front of the craft for faster disembarkation.

Boarding Zone of Delta:

Delta has been always different for its boarding process. They have tried to make their high-tier customers more comfortable in 2019.

The new order of the pre-boarding is as; Delta One, Delta Premium Select/First Class. Early boarding of Delta; Comfort+, Sky Priority members, Main Cabin 1, Main Cabin 2, Main Cabin 4, and then Basic Economy.

Delta airline passengers are allowed to purchase the priority boarding at around $15* per flight for any of the flight operated by Delta or its partner airline. After purchasing you will be able to board when it’s the turn of the passengers of Main Cabin 1.

Biometrics is everywhere:

Now in the airports latest technological systems are used for the convenience of passengers in terms of security and services. But, how and where the biometrics is being used?

In the airports, biometric is used for the boarding purpose of the passenger which uses the face recognition technology to detect the person. It will help in the quick entry of the passenger.

Also, Delta is planning for the self-check bag process using facial biometric techniques. Not only in the airport but it is going to be in the lounges at the entry for security concerns.

Ultra-Long-Haul Flight:

There is a coming time when you will find the ultra-long-haul flights for your journey. Most of the airlines have started the long journey non-stop flights having more than 8.000 miles in one way.

The new routes are:

  • Qantas Airways has started flying 17 hours from Perth to London.
  • Cathay Pacific Airways began a 17-hour nonstop from Hong Kong to Washington, D.C.
  • United will start non-stop flight from San Francisco to Delhi.
  • Singapore Airlines will fly nonstop from its home country to Seattle.

Best Services of Different Airlines:

  • For the best First Class go with the Emirates airlines.
  • For best Business Class pick the Qatar Airways
  • For best Premium Economy Air New Zealand is a good one.
  • For the best Economy, Singapore Airlines will be a good choice.

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