Alaska Airline Cancellation & Refund Policy Information

Every airline tries out their best to provide their customers safe, reliable, and comfortable journey. The airlines provide various offers to give their customers the lowest airfare. It includes last minute flight availability, group discount, and promotional fares.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Alaska Airline provides the facility to make one change to a wholly unused ticket within 24 hours after booking. They do not charge any penalty on you for 24 hours.
  • If in case there is any change in your plan then you can cancel or change the ticket. Depending on the fare type you will be charged some applicable fee. The charges applied are fare difference plus $125(USD) per person. If the latest ticket price is lower; then the credit can be used for future travel.
  • The changes are allowed in the tickets after 24 hours of booking after applicable charges.
  • If you are traveling on saver fare then it cannot be changed or canceled after the time span of 24 hours after booking the ticket.

Ticket Refund Policy:

  • After the initial purchase of a ticket, customers are allowed to ask for a refund of the canceled ticket within 24 hours of purchase. The refund is done in the original form of payment.
  • Not every ticket is refundable, but those which can be refunded are processed within 7 business days for credit card purchase and 20 business days for cash and other payment methods.
  • Immediate purchase tickets with more than 24 hours of travel have the flexibility to make one change to wholly unused tickets, or can be canceled within 24 hours of the original time of purchase without any charges.
  • For the refund of a paper ticket, you must have the physical ticket for the confirmation.
  • If the paper ticket is lost you have to buy the new one or traveling. Even you can ask for the refund for the lost one. It takes around 4 months to process.
  • The customers of Alaska airline are eligible to receive a credit certificate on unused refundable tickets after cancellation. If a part of the ticket is used then the remaining value is calculated on the basis of the flown portion of the ticket.

Customer Service Commitment:

To make the trip smooth and comfortable Alaska Airline provides special service on request. Special service can be requested through a direct call to Alaska airline or from the website. These special services include:

  • Unaccompanied Minors: If any child is traveling alone then you can take this special service to take care and feel safe for your child. You just need to provide the contact information of any adult who will come to receive at the destination airport.
  • Wheelchair Assistance: You can also ask for wheelchair service on request if there is the need. Their specially designed aisle chairs will assist the passengers to easily move through the aisle to the seat.
  • Stowage of Mobile Devices: The devices such as wheelchair and walkers which cannot be easily stowed in the cabin are specially stowed in the cargo compartment. These are safely stored in the compartment and given back to the passenger at the stop.
  • Assistance during Delay: During flight irregularity, the airline assists customers who have expressed their special needs, either directly to our staff or via the booking process. A flight can be canceled or delayed if there is any risk in flying. If the passenger decides not to travel due to a flight delay or cancellation, they can reschedule the flight for an alternate day or can refund their ticket.

If there is tarmac delay the airline provide various facilities and exceptions are there if the situation is beyond the control of the airline. For the following delays airline provide various amenities:

  • One Hour: If there is the delay of one hour in your or more past from your original scheduled arrival. Then you can request the airline to make a phone call to let those at your destination know when you’ll be arriving.
  • Three Hours: If there is a delay of three hours or more past from your original scheduled arrival. Then the Customer Care team will reach out to you with an apology and a discount code off for future Alaska Airlines flight.

Canceled Flights: If a flight is canceled; and destination city is around 100 miles away from home then hotel accommodations can be provided by the airline. Accommodations include single or family rooms and round trip ground transportation to an airport area hotel.

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