All you need to Know about Schedule Change by Airlines

Booked a flight ticket to India and you’ve got a notice of changes in the flight schedule? Airlines are allowed to change the scheduled flight but they have to provide you a notice at least 14 days prior to the departure. When an airline has made some changes in the plan then it is termed as scheduled change.

Under “schedule change” the changes should only be in the date and time of the journey and not in the flight number. If any airline did not notify you 14 days prior then it is a subject of refund by the airline to you.

In case, if there is a change in the flight number then it means the flight has been canceled. As a result, passengers are entitled to a refund due to flight cancelation by the airline.

Why does a schedule change occur?

Airline tickets are being sold year before the departure. A lot can happen in between a year which includes new routes, strikes, and merges. As a result, airlines have to shift their operating services which also influence change in the forthcoming schedule.

At that time, airlines give notice to the passengers about the changes in the flight schedule. For this, one has to provide the correct address, email id and other contact information to the airline otherwise; you will miss the updates and notifications provided by the airline.

How long change can be in a schedule?


Generally, 12 hours of a change in a schedule can be made by the airline. However, the definite time interval for a schedule change is not mentioned.


CAA guidelines for a schedule change:


  • If there is a change in the flight number along with the change in time and date then it might be a flight cancelation by the airline. At that situation, passengers are entitled to refund/compensation.
  • If the airline is not providing you a similar alternative flight then ask for a refund.

Schedule change by various airlines: If you are not satisfied with the scheduled change due to strict travel plans then there are many ways to solve this problem.


United Airlines Schedule Change Policy:


  • If you booked your flight ticket to India through a travel agency/ a travel website/ or another airline then you will receive the notification from them.
  • If you have booked the tickets directly with United Airlines then you will be able to check it on the United app or direct call from the customer center. Moreover, on the websites, the updated schedule will be shown in the tab of Manage Reservations.
  • If there is a change of 30 minutes in scheduled departure then United Airline will provide you another flight option operated under United and its partner.


For planned schedule changes by Etihad:


  • The schedule change in date/ time and flight number can take if there is more than 72 hours prior to departure. It can be due to route or flight cancellations, Frequency reduction, and Equipment changes.
  • In case of schedule changes on any flights by Etihad Airways passengers will be offered with another flight under Etihad.
  • This new flight will depart within 7 days of the previous flight schedule.

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