An Ultimate Guide to the Flight Cancellation Rights for Passengers

Sometimes your flights to India may be canceled due to a reason. It’s all because of a technical problem or a natural disaster such as a bad weather condition.

You might be surprised to know that there are the rights of passengers if any airline cancels the flight itself. But, not all the time airline is responsible for cancelation to provide reimbursement; they provide it when it is due to the issue of the airline.

Further, the reimbursement charges may vary airline to airline but generally, the same condition applies to them.

For flight cancelation, passengers have some rights with which they are not aware of.

As a traveler, you must know basic things which are mentioned below:


According to the laws, your rights start from baggage to the airline seats. When an airline cancels a flight before the scheduled time, they automatically rebook and notify you by e-mail or text to your phone.

But you must understand that if your one of the flights to India is canceled because you reached late at the airport then it is not airlines’ responsibility for your suffering. Reasons for which the airline is not responsible for refund are weather condition or acts of God; such as civil unrest, embargoes, war, hostilities, or unsettled international conditions; strikes, work stoppages, slowdowns, lockout, or any other labor-related dispute; government regulation, demand, directive or requirement; shortages of labor, fuel, or facilities.

But, if the cancelation is done by airline then you have two options either to fly another airline provided alternate to your fixed airline or to ask for a refund for the non-used portion of the ticket.

The airline provides the basic needs of the passenger in case of an extended delay. They offer:

  • Meal within a regular interval
  • Hotel accommodation for the long delay


Refund Right:


According to the rules passengers have the right of asking a refund when the flight is canceled by the airline. The refund will be provided only for the unused part of the ticket. The refund will be provided in the form as per your ticket purchase either it is cash or credit.

In case if your connecting flight is canceled on an outbound trip and you don’t want to continue then there are some airlines that will return you at the original airport without any charges. Also, they will refund for the entire ticket.

Alternate option:


Some of the airlines wanted to reach their passengers at the destination in time. So, the airlines offer the next available alternate airline in return to the previous one. For this flight, you have to pay no extra charges to the airline.

Also, if there is no seat available in the alternate flight on the same booked class then they will provide you the seat at the higher class with no charges.

All airlines have their own options of returning to the passengers:

  • Some may offer the seat in the next available flight.
  • Some may transfer you to another line to make you reach at the time.

If you have booked your flight with a travel agency then call them and ask about the alternate flight.

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