Are you Traveling India Solo? Avoid these mistakes in your journey!

Travelling India solo is fun but there are some things you need to take care of. In a country like India you will meet various kinds of people. You visit several places with different weather, cultures, traditions, languages, and beliefs. Sometimes even after being a frequent traveller you do some mistakes that can ruin your trip. Anybody can make these mistakes. But travelling solo helps you to grow. You learn a lot of things but when we talk about the mistakes it includes safety concerns, money-saving, finding good deals on flights to India, booking hotels and eating alone. Besides all these solo travel offers you rewards with life-long lessons. Here I have come up with some mistakes that you should avoid while travelling solo.

Don’t hesitate to stay in Hostels


You must have heard about staying in hostels while travelling solo. You can find this kind of hostel very easily and the best thing about these, they save your money. Another good thing about these hostels is you meet and get a chance of communicating with new people. You can also try traditional lodging, this offers safer zones. Furthermore, you get a comfort zone when you are tired. At places like this, you can leave your belongings behind while exploring new places. When you are more concerned about safety and convenience you should choose a reputable hotel. On the other hand, when you need companionship, you must think about hostels and other alternative lodging options.

Tip: Choose the place according to your preferences, if privacy is a matter of concern for you go for personal rooms in hotels.

Book your flights, hotels or rental car in advance


This is the best advice that you can have for any of your trips. Because last-minute bookings suck, whether it is booking of flights to India or booking of hotels and car rental. These things matter a lot, especially when you are travelling solo, these things will be extra hassle for you. It can spoil your mood and trip also. So also go with proper planning and book in advance, it will also save your time and money. Now you have pre-booked all, so all you need to worry about is planning your trip. In India, you will get a lot of options for websites that will help you to make efficient bookings for you.

Tip: Try to book combo deals like flight+hotel or flight+hotel+car rental. It will save you money and also will be convenient for you.

Don’t Run out of Cash


Travelling solo and cashless? Best stupidity anybody can do ever. Nobody ever wants to ask for a ride when you run out of cash in a new country. Hence always have some amount of money in your pocket. India has indeed developed a lot and people are accepting digital payments. It’s good to make digital payments but sometimes there can be some technical error or some people may not accept these payments. So it’s better to have some cash for an emergency. You will see ATMs almost in every city so the moment you realize that you have almost spent the cash, withdraw some more for the survival.

Tip: Don’t have more cash, it can also trouble you. You can lose it or there are chances of being stolen.

Never Avoid Your Own Company


This is the most important thing; never avoid your own company. Never forget that why did you choose solo travel? To explore solo with your company, so feel comfortable being alone. Meet people but not focus only on meeting new people. Enjoy your company, spend some time with yourself.

Tip: Don’t completely avoid conversations with people.

Figure out What You Want to Do Alone


Starting a solo trip is not the only thing, you should also figure out what you want from this solo trip. Explore more, roam around the places for self-contentment, meet new people and try to blend in with new cultures. India is a versatile, religious and cultural country. You have a great chance of interacting with new people and knowing about their cultures, traditions. The great benefit of travelling alone is that you don’t need to focus on anyone else; neither will you have the responsibility of taking care of other people. You have so many options of things that you can do alone, these can be according to your interest. It can be trekking, scuba diving, hot balloon ride, bungee jumping, paragliding or rafting.

Tip: Try new fun activities that you can do alone. It will make your solo trip more adventurous.

Do Reservations Online


India is like a home to so many travellers. Every year lakh of tourists come here to spend their holidays. In this case, there are chances of a rush at tourist places. So check your travel list and do online booking in advance if possible. It will get rid of standing in a long queue. Besides that, it will save your time. You cannot expect every tourist place reserved online but there are some popular places or tourist attractions where you can make online bookings. Because it’s boring to wait in along queue without a friend or partner.

Tip: Make reservation in 20 -30 days advance, before all the tickets get sold out.

Don’t be reserve


“I am on a solo trip and I won’t be frank with everyone”, don’t go with this kind of mentality. Indeed, you can’t trust anybody in a new country. But be smart enough to keep distance while talking to people. On a solo trip, there will be several occasions when you need to take help from other people. So don’t be reserve for yourself only, communicate with people, know more about the places, cultures, and traditions but be clever also. Keep your shyness aside and enjoy being a solo traveller in a country like India.

Tip: Don’t trust people blindly also, you may also meet people who will try to take your advantage.

Check the weather of places you are going to Visit


Weather of India keeps o changing from time to time. You will get to see weather change after the distances of some miles. So Google about the general climate and weather of the places those are on your travel list. Pack accordingly. Also, there is no need to bother more about clothes, because you can buy clothes for your choices in India at extremely low prices. Pack only essential and be smart while packing. Keep the thing in mind that you are travelling solo, so pack as less as you can.

Tip: Always make your travel plan in India according to the weather. Like there is no point of going on trekking places in the rainy season. You will regret your decision.

Learn some Indian slang


As you have come to know that India is a wide country, with people who speak different languages. However Hindi and English are the major languages. Most people understand English but not everybody does. In this case, you should learn some Indian slang to get blend in. It will help you a lot. You can easily search for these on Google.

Tip: Learn the slangs according to the area where you are going to travel.


1>>What are the major places in India for solo travellers?

  • Udaipur
  • Shimla
  • Manali
  • Leh-Srinagar
  • Rishikesh
  • Tawang Monastery
  • Khajuraho
  • Goa
  • Rajasthan

2>>What should you avoid eating and drinking in India?

  • Avoid tap water
  • Live life on the Veg
  • Ask for “No-spicy”
  • Don’t eat too much street food
  • Avoid eating peeled fruits

3>>How should you dress in India?

However, India has been developed a lot but still in many rural parts of India, people wear fully covered clothes. So if you are travelling in rural parts of India try to wear covered clothes.

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