Aren’t your seats together? Check Tips To Get Neighbor Seats!

Traveling in a group makes the journey better but, what when you can’t get the seats together? Especially the families have to suffer when they are not able to get the neighbor seats. Airlines don’t take the responsibility of booking seats together.

What will happen when you book a flight for a family trip and after reaching the airport you will come to know that you all members are not even sitting together? This feeling can spoil the whole mood of traveling so, make sure you all sit together. But, how it is possible?

There are plenty of ways we’ve rounded up to ensure you sit together and some of them are explained below:

Booking early matters:

Planning a little before and booking early can make you find more seats on the plane and thus asking for neighbor seats. Booking early can not only help to grab neighbor seats but saving money as well. Picking seats of your choice are possible and it really helps in seat assignments.

Check Airline’s Seating Policy:

Airlines such as Air India, American Airlines and Delta give preference to family. Passengers are allowed to snag the seats on the airlines in accordance with the availability. Southwest’s Early bird check-in allows you to board early and then choose desired seats. Also, airlines pay attention that an adult sits with their child if you request them.

Book Directly through Airline:

You can ask an online travel agent for your ticket and don’t forget to mention the seating priority. Otherwise, you can book directly through the airline too. It gives you more opportunity to ask directly the airlines for seating arrangement.

Gate Agents can be helpful:

If you have reached the airport and come to know that booked seats are not altogether. If there are seats available in the flight; gate agent may be able to arrange for you to have your seats together if you discuss with them. Share your problem with them politely and surely they will give you the best shot at getting what you are looking for.

Pay extra for that privilege:

Instead of letting the computer automatically assign you a seat, you can pay extra to ensure your family can sit together. Try to book when you are getting the cheapest flight tickets so that if you pay extra for each seat the overall money spent would be equivalent of getting expensive flight tickets.

There are some flights that don’t require you to pay extra for a seat assignment, but the only “free” seats may be middle seats. Therefore, to make a comfortable journey you must book a window or aisle seat. You may need to pay extra to get those seats.

Ask any Passenger:

If all other options are not working then you can ask a passenger to change seat with yours. If you find them kind enough they will surely do that after listening to your problem. Most of the time, this formula works if you talk politely to them

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