Avoid These Common Mistakes while Booking USA to India Flights

Not good at booking the flights at lowest? This is because people have the idea of booking but due to some common mistakes, they end up paying more. Know the secrets of flight booking by Trippact and make all your possible savings.

Here are some common mistakes to avoid while booking the USA to India flights:

Not Searching for Alternate Airport: While booking the flights to India don’t check a single airport. Maybe there will be more than one airport on offer.

For example, if you are going South India then you can opt for the cities Chennai and Hyderabad as they are major airline gateways.

Also, check for the alternate arrival points including the cost of transport to reach destination city and end up with the cheap one.

Booking on Wrong Time: Look for the perfect time for booking. Consider that you have to be flexible with the timings of the flight.

  1. Avoid weekends to book the flights. This is because fares on weekdays are cheaper than the weekends.
  2. If you find the cheap flight tickets to India at night or early morning then grab it.

Not Deleting the History from Search Engine: If you continuously check for the air tickets on the search engine then you will surely get the tickets at high prices. This is because travel agencies used to check the IP address and the number of times you have searched the airfares.

  1. Be sure to delete the history before booking the flights otherwise you will get the sudden price hike on your ticket.
  2. Clearing out browser history and cookies will help you to save more on flight deals.

Neglecting Hidden Charges: There are some hidden charges and taxes which you should never forget.

  • The airlines charge some additional fee and airport tax, so don’t forget to include them in your budget.
  • Check the baggage fee policy and avoid extra luggage rather than to pay extra amount.

Neglecting Arrival and Departure Time: Long haul flight travelers make the common mistake of neglecting the time difference.

  1. Understand the time difference between USA and India; be attentive and check the timings of arrival and departure of the flight.
  2. Don’t get confused with the different time zones.

Fix on Single Airline: Don’t look for a single airline to book your ticket.

  • Flight ticket booking at the lowest prices can be attained by comparing different airlines’
  • Average seat prices for each airline differ from each other so be careful about it.

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