Blunders you should avoid while booking flight tickets to India

Everyone wants to spend the weekend in a new place. Either it’s a domestic or international place travelers expect the minimum airfare. People spend months in the research of a good deal but those who are not used to it make some mistakes that should be avoided. Otherwise, you may lose a good option of flying.

By avoiding some common blunders you’ll get very big discounts and will get benefited to some margin.

1, Checking only a single airline:

Searching for a good deal and discount on a single airline is totally wastage of time and money. You’ll lose the deals offered by another airline if you stick to a single airline. So, it is advisable to search on different airlines while booking flight tickets to India and compare the prices before getting it done.


2, Not looking for debit and credit card offers:

People don’t give importance to the small things such as offers provided on credit and debit cards by companies. There are various benefits for cardholders for additional discounts on flight tickets and hotel booking. Thus don’t miss such wonderful offers.


3, Carelessly choosing your destination:

Flying cost depends on the length of route and destinations you choose. Be careful while selecting the destination for the trip. For a vacation trip, you can change the destination if you find a good deal to a particular spot. Sometimes airlines provide offers to particular sectors which you can avail for enjoying the vacation in low budget.


4, Being Strict to a particular Day:

Most of the people do this mistake. They do not want to change the date of flying which leads them to fly expensive. If you change the date of flying to the closest dates you wish to go then you can get the cheaper tickets for your journey.


5, Ignoring the virtual wallet:

Many travel websites have provided the option of virtual wallet. Frequent flyers have made the account of the travel websites where they add money to book the tickets and in return, they get coin or points in their account. Next time for booking the flight don’t forget to use the wallet cash. If you are a new user then use it to get cashback.


6, Not following on social media and newsletter:

Follow the airlines on social media to get the recent updates of offers and deals available. You will be notified and thus can book before others come to know. Also, the newsletters also include information related to upcoming deals. So stay active and avail the offers.

Some tips to book cheap flight tickets to India:

  • Delete the history of browser or check in the guest mode to prevent the high charges
  • Flights at odd hours are cheaper
  • Compare the price from different websites before booking
  • Don’t book immediately after finding a good deal
  • Too early booking can be costly
  • Search for coupons and offers
  • Avoid booking during holiday
  • Use air miles to book the flight and cut the cost of flying

Hope these tips will help you in getting a good deal and make your travel in budget. If you avoid some common mistakes you’ll definitely save a margin in the ticket price.

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