Celebrate Independence Day in India to Pay Special Tribute

Each year Independence Day is celebrated on 15 August, as a national event in India. On this day, India was declared a fully independent state by the first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. This day has a great influence on Indians. Folks in India encourage this day to pay special tribute to ancient leaders and freedom fighters.

On this day, all the government buildings are enlightened with the tricolor lights similar to the Indian flag. Special programs, movies, shows, and dramas are performed in various hubs, schools, and colleges.

The 15th August 2019 is the 73rd Independence Day of India and is the most important day to Indians. It recalls the memory of India getting autonomy from the subjugation of the British.

All over the country, the function is celebrated in schools, universities, workplaces, offices with great excitement. The main celebration is held at the capital city Delhi. India’s Prime Minister hoists the Indian flag at Red Fort while the national song is sung accompanying the 21 gunshots that are fired to salute in the respect of Indian flag.

Finally, the PM Addresses the nation and the function is started. The Red Fort is the main attraction where Prime Minister, President, Armed & Naval Forces, Airforce and other higher position officers meet for the festive.

This year the function will consist of special programs like rally, marches, and cultural programs.

Schedule for Independence Day 2019:

This year M is going to address the nation at 7:00 p.m on August 14, 2019

Further, the program starts around 7:30 am on 15th August

National Anthem will be sung and the official time to sing it is 52 seconds.

In the end, the function is ended by the March Pasting by military members.

Celebration in Academies:

Schools and colleges across the country also especially enjoy the day. They organize various types of competitions and drama shows in the schools and also the awards are given to the best ones.

Moreover, contests and programs are organized by online, print and broadcast channels. The t.v channels are full of freedom related movies and shows. Various cultural events are also held at the state and national level.

This day is the standout amongst the most important days in Indian history when we can remember the struggle of freedom fighters and pay tribute to them.

Let’s come and enjoy the festive season here. Book your flights to India and be the part of freedom celebration. Involve in the major festivity enjoyed by all religions in unite. Prepare for the trip and visit spots in advance so that you can easily roam around. You can also visit the nearby places of Delhi to cheer out in peace. If you don’t like the crowd then go to visit the government buildings in Delhi. Moreover, it holds various places and museums to know something new.

Thank this day by doing something special rather than spending in the same way. People also used to fly kites on this day which symbolizes freedom.

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