Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Terminal Information and Review

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located in the Texas City of US. It is the fifteenth busiest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. This is the main airport serving in the metropolitan area of Dallas and opens for 24 hours.

This airport serves around 900 flights to 229 destinations on a daily basis.

Terminal Information:

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is made up of five terminals in a circular pattern. The terminal A-B and C-D are located in a way that face each other. While the terminal E faces the parking premises. Further the terminals (A – E) linked by a SkyLink train. Terminals (A – D) are linked by walkways but the Terminal E can only be reached from the other terminals by Skylink.

At the terminals, you can find plenty of airside dining, shopping and services options. At late night the security check-points are closed so the airside area cannot be accessed.

Terminal Gate Information Security screening checkpoint hours
Terminal A Hosts gates A6 to A39 A10 (4:30AM – 9:00PM)

A20 (4:00AM – 10:30PM)

Terminal B Hosts gates B1 to B49 B19 (4:30AM – 10:45PM)

B30 (4:30AM – 9:00PM)

Terminal C Hosts gates C2 to C39 C10 (4:30AM – 9:00PM)

C21 (3:00AM – 10:30PM)

C30 (4:30AM – 9:00PM)

Terminal D Hosts gates D5 to D40 D18 (4:15AM – 10:30PM)

D22 (5:00AM – 9:00PM)

D30 (3:30AM – 11:00PM)

Terminal E Hosts gates E2 to E38 E8 (3:45AM – 8:45PM)

E18 (3:45AM – 11:30PM)

E33 (4:00AM – 8:30PM)


Airport Facilities and Services: Various Facilities available at the airport are:

1, ATMs: ATMs are available at all the terminals in this airport.
Cellular broadband

2, Travelex currency exchange:  You can change the currency at locations: A29, D11, D22 (outside security), D24, D36.

3, Charging Station: There are charging stations available in all the terminals.

  •     Terminal A: Charging station available at A10 and A24
  •     Terminal B: Charging station available at DFW Airport Travel Lounge at gate B28.
  •    Terminal C: Charging station available at C20 and C35.
  •     Terminal D: Charging station available at D21, D30, and D40.
  •     Terminal E: Charging station available at E37.

4, Office Workstation: For any meeting or office work you can visit the workstation at Terminal D gate D23.

5, Free Wi-Fi Internet Connection: Facility of wi-fi is available in the all terminals, parking garages and gate-accessible areas.

6, Parking: There is total of four options of parking available which includes valet, terminal, express, and remote parking.

7, Children’s Play Area: Located in Terminal D, gate D8, and at the McDonald’s.

8, Hair Salon: For a haircut or any related service visit terminal A at gate A25 and Terminal D at gate D34.

Transport Facility from Airport: There are various options available to and fro from the Dallas Airport.

  • Bus: There is a bus facility of route 408 to reach the center port.
  • Light Rail: There is The DART Orange Line between DFW Airport and downtown Dallas which can be helpful to reach the airport.
  • Train: TRE (Trinity Railway Express) commuter services are available at DFW Airport Station.
  • Taxi: You can also book a taxi that will be available to you within 24 minutes.
  • Car rental: Moreover, you can also hire a rental car if you need some privacy in the travel.

Airport Lounges: There are various lounges available for the travelers and which is accessible depends on your class of flight which you are traveling.

You can enter in the lounge by any of the way by paying at the door, purchasing a lounge pass or through a lounge membership program.

Lounge Location Lounge Access
American Airlines Admirals Club Terminal A, Terminal B, Terminal C and Terminal D Lounge membership program

Proof of American airline ticket

Centurion Lounge  Terminal D, Airside, Mezzanine Level, opposite Gate D17 American Express® Card Members
United Club Terminal E, airside, between Gates E6 and E7 Pay at the Door with proof of United Airlines ticket

Lounge membership programs

British Airways Lounge Terminal D, near Gate D36 Members only
Lufthansa Lounge Terminal D, near Gate D21 Members only


Airport Hotels: If you have flight and you want to have some rest before the journey then you can visit the airport hotel.

Hotel Location Timing and Facilities
Minute Suites (Inside Airport) Terminal D: Airside, Gate D23
Terminal A: Airside, Gate A38.
Private suites with direct TV

High speed internet


 Grand Hyatt DFW At Airport Terminal D 9:00AM – 5:00PM
 Hyatt Regency DFW At Airport Terminal C 24 hours open


Airport Reviews:

  • Matthew Zhang:

We recently went from Lubbock to Miami via Dallas/Ft. Worth on American Airlines. Dallas is one of the best airports I have ever been to. The American Airlines Terminal A is very new and modern and has lots of food and retail options. The half-circle layout of the terminal was excellent because it doesn’t take forever to get from one gate to another. The Skylink stops are very convenient and there are 2-3 in each terminal which is a good way to get from one terminal to the other without taking a bus. Our flight to Miami was out of Terminal C which is another very modern and clean terminal. Overall, it was a nice airport serving the Dallas area.


  • L Suarez:

The Airport which is going under a renovation program called the TRIP. But the airport is still very good and the SkyLink which connects the terminals is also very clean and fast. The terminals are all up to date and my trip was pleasant. I recommend everyone to visit this airport and choose this for your next journey.

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