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Delta Airlines to Ditch Zone Boarding in 2019

Delta Airlines is shaking up its boarding process, ditching zone boarding for boarding by ticket type.

The Atlanta based carrier is renaming, and even color coding, its boarding groups, and increasing the number per flight from six to seven or eight depending on the aircraft.

Airlines are always testing and tinkering with boarding systems in a bid to lessen passenger frustration and gate crowding.

Delta says its changes will begin Jan. 23 on Delta flights around the world.

Flying in Delta’s cushiest cabin, the pricey Delta One suites on select international and transcontinental flights? You’ll board first (after pre-boarders), in the new Delta One boarding group instead of being lumped in with first class and Delta premium select passengers in the current “premium” boarding zone.

Travelers who pay extra for or are upgraded to Delta’s Comfort Plus seats, are at the front of the main cabin and offer extra leg room, complimentary drinks and dedicated overhead bin space.

Travelers, who buy Delta’s cheapest tickets, the no frills basic economy fare, will continue to board last, in the new basic economy boarding group. They are currently in zone 4.
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