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Do you know: Some amazing facts about Singapore airlines!

Earlier, Singapore airlines were the joint ownership of Malaysia and Singapore. Where Malaysian Airways limited changed its name to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1966. In 1972, when they both decided to set up an individual airline. Then Malaysia Airline System (MAS) and Singapore Airline (SIA) were born! Just like this, there are some more interesting facts about Singapore airlines. Check them out:

1) No charge for membership:


Yes! There is absolutely no charge for the membership. All you have to do is sign up for KrisFlyer account and after that; you can enjoy the elite points & advantages. Get one for you now!

2) Can a membership expire?


Yes! KrisFlyer membership will expire if you don’t do any transaction after 39 months. And this will also happen in 18 months if you no longer meet the qualification for enrolment as a KrisFlyer member. So, make sure that you will take advantages of membership whenever you will get the chance, to do so.

3) Baggage allowance for infants:


There is good news; if you are traveling with a baby then you are entitled to one more piece of luggage up to 10kg . and if you are heading to or from the states, that would be up to 23 kg for economy and premium economy and up to 32 kg for business and first-class ticket. Amazing, right? Well, that is a baby bonus for you.

4) Wi-Fi:


No matter where you are, be that at cruising altitude or on authorized water or countries, with Singapore airlines you will always find a free Wi-Fi service during the flight. Now, you can fly tension free as you will get free and full Wi-Fi connectivity throughout your flight.

5) Food and drinks :


Singapore airlines spend at least $16 million on wine and $700 million on food. An international culinary panel comprising of eight world-renowned chefs who create the onboard menu which includes Australia’s acclaimed Matt Moran, Suzanne Goin and other leading chefs from Asia and Europe. CHAMPAGNE: the airline is the second-biggest buyer of Dom Perignon champagne in the entire world!

6) Awards:


Singapore airline has owned many awards. The list is as follows:

  • Best business class airline
  • Best long haul airline
  • Best economy class
  • Best economy class onboard catering


7) Uniform:

One of the best flight crew uniforms was designed by French Couturier Pierre Balmain back in 1968. There 4 different colors of SARONG KEBAYA represent different positions:

  • Purple: Inflight Supervisor
  • Red: Chief Stewardess
  • Green: Leading Stewardess
  • Blue: Flight Stewardess


8) Stopover package :

You can avail stopover packages where you can travel to the most popular attraction and get hotel accommodations too. They will offer three packages from where you can choose:

  • Basic Singapore stopover holiday
  • Singapore stopover holiday
  • Singapore stopover premium


9) Seat features:


  • First class seat featured with padded headboard for extra support and an additional mattress layer which ensure customers good rest. This can be converted to a widest full-flat bed at 78 inches in length.
  • First class flyers can enjoy new state of art in-flight entertainment system: new KrisWorld on the sleek 24-inch LCD screen with video touch-screen handsets.
  • The Business Class seat boasts two new seating positions – ‘Lazy Z’ and ‘Sundeck’ and this offer greater recline at 132 degrees with ergonomic seat cushion.

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