Do you know: Thing that can drive you crazy when you are flying

Flying is an adventure, right? Who doesn’t love to travel by flying? But is that so easy! I f you are a frequent traveler then you might know that every time it’s not. Several things can drive you crazy while you are flying. But rather than getting irritated you should have some patience and act smartly. Because every problem has a solution, it’s just you are not aware of it. So try to know about the problems that you can have in a long haul flight like from the USA to India and don’t stumble when you face them.

Couldn’t Board your Connecting Flight

First of all to avoid these problems you should book your flights from the same flight. The reason behind this the airlines are more prone to accommodate and coordinate with you if you are already booked with them. In case you missed your earlier flight then don’t worry take a long breath and don’t stand in the long queue and talk to any flight attendant on the counter. They will help to get a seat on the next flight. Furthermore, if you see all the counters busy calls to the customer care officers you will get help within a few minutes.

Lost Baggage: Worst Nightmare

Though it is very rare cases that you will have to face this problem because your baggage does not get disappear so easily in case you face this problem don’t lose your temper because nowadays airlines are very efficient in retrieving lost baggage. If you counter this problem at the airport the first thing you must do is to head over to the counter and report the lost baggage, airport agents will solve your problems in a few minutes. Always keep a receipt with you. In case airlines are not able to find your bag at that time they will home deliver your baggage. There is a tip for the passengers to avoid this problem. You can mark your bag with your name and ticket number.

Documents &Identification

Before leaving for the airport always cross-check the important documents your passport, ID card, Credit Card and checkbooks. In case you forget or misplace them keep a picture or soft copy of these documents in your e-mail or Smartphone. In case of emergency, you can show them to the officers. Firstly try to keep them in your carry bag at the safest places to avoid the misplacement.

Traveling with family and got seats far apart

When you are travelling with your family you don’t get seats together always. In this case, you can talk to the agents on the counter they can help you. In case they refuse don’t get disappoint go to the flight and request the flight attendants, they can help you by shuffling your seats with other passengers. Stay calm and humble during all the process and show your courtesy for them. In case they can’t make say thanks to them at least they tried.

Bad Weather Flight Cancellation

It happens generally because of bad weather that your flight gets cancelled.  But don’t worry it’s not the end of your journey. Nobody can do anything about this. Trust your airline they will arrange a seat on another airline. And if you are travelling alone then you will get seats easily. On the other hand, if you are travelling with your family it can be quite difficult for you. But you will also get accommodations. Never get fussy if you have to change the airport because it’s not your fault neither airlines.

Bird Strike

You might have heard that bird strikes can cause flight cancellation or delay in flight. Now you might be wondering how a little bird can harm a big airplane. When a bird strikes with the engine it can damage the engine of the flight, though an airplane can fly with another engine. Generally, one airplane can afford one bird strike. It usually happens while landing or take-off generally and in the day time.  Unluckily if your plane gets hit with more than two words your flight gets delayed. So don’t get annoyed everyone is getting late. But reaching late to your destination is sometimes better than never reaching.

Other annoying Things

Other little things can annoy you while you are in-flight.

There may be chances when you will see pilots taking selfies midflight. Have some patience and try to not let it impact you.

It’s not shocking that you will see pilots messing around in the cockpit when they should be flying but you can’t do anything here.

Sometimes you will see other passengers doing weird activities, babies crying in your flight but you will have to manage. You can keep an eye mask and headphones along with you and enjoy your journey.

When you are traveling in economy class you will get stuck with plastic cutlery

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