Emerging In-flight Entertainment offerings by Different Airlines

With the upcoming trends of technology, there are many changes adopted by aerospace. To enhance the air travel experience; airlines are providing a variety of entertainment facilities. Many Airlines have upgraded their facilities to chase customer’s attention. Next time you book cheap flight tickets to India don’t forget to utilize the innovative entertainment facilities by these airlines.

Get rid of boredom in long haul flights with IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) apps, kiosks, and many more choices available for you. An IFE consists of the following categories:

  1. Award Winning Inflight Entertainment System by Emirates:

  • Inflight Airshow: There are external cameras available; you can see the outside views of the world. The moving map allows you to know the status of the flight progress.
  • Wi-Fi Facility: 20 MB of free data is available for the entire fleet.
  • 4000 channels for the movie: 4000 channels of the movie are available. On demand tv shows, games and music are also available.
  • Live TV Option: Some selected aircraft of the airline has options for live tv to watch the news, sport and much more to explore.


  1. Media Streaming by Delta is the newest offering:

  • With time to time, the IFE options are also changed by Delta Airline. How would you feel if the media is streamed to your own device? Media streaming by on traveler’s device is a great way for in-flight entertainment.
  • In this way, you can wirelessly connect your phone, laptop, or tablet to the media server located on the plane. Delta is allowing its passengers to roll out of the seatback screens. In some of its aircraft, Delta has provided its passengers to choose any of the entertainment services. Travelers can choose the most pleasing option of entertainment for them.
  • Other than this you can opt for popular Emmy-winning tv shows on the screens, movies, and music.
  • Channels for live satellite tv is also available on selected aircraft.


  1. American Airline allows Personal Device Entertainment:

  • In this month, Airline has 6 entertainment options available to its passengers. Different Airbus holds a different one, so which set of entertainment you are going to be served depends on your aircraft type.
  • On an international flight, they are offering 277 movies which include all the types. Movies are new releases, classic, Oscar-winning, and many more. Also, it must include at least 8 episodes on their list.
  • Moreover, if your aircraft is one of the 146 that have Gogo’s satellite-based 2Ku connection; then you can stream 158 different movies from the on-board router for free. There is no need to purchase a wi-fi service.
  • In case if you are stuck in an aircraft with no IFE screens installed then there is a great option for you. Download the American Airlines’ app so that you can avail the facility of streaming in your mobile.
  1. Companion App by Singapore Airline:

  • Singapore Airlines has launched a companion app; through this app, you can choose the inflight movies before boarding.
  • You can access the app on ios and android tablets in the flight for reviewing audio and video content.
  • The airlines’ inflight entertainment system offers around 295 movies, over 475 TV programs, and more than 450 CD albums each month.

Booking the cheap flight tickets to India is not enough; in-flight entertainment option is a great way for utilizing the facilities provided by the airline.

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