Emirates Airline Information with Cabin Baggage Policy & Rules

Emirates Airline Information with Cabin Baggage Policy & Rules

Emirates is one of the rapid growing airlines based in Dubai. It is the fourth largest airline in terms of international passengers carried. The airline’s fleet is made up of Boeing 777, Airbus A330, and A340 models. Airbus A380 is specially made for long-haul high traffic routes. Emirates is well known for world’s best in-flight entertainment.

Baggage Policy of Emirates:

Class Allowance up to
Economy Class 35kg
Business Class 40kg
First Class 50kg

Baggage allowance may vary depending on the fare type.

Allowance of Cabin Baggage:

Class Allowance Bag Size
Economy Class One carry bag up to 7 kg. Hand Bag: 55*38*20cm
Business Class Two pieces of bags each up to 7kg. Brief Case: 45*35*20cm

Hand Bag: 55*38*20cm

Garment Bag: 20 cm

First Class Two pieces of bags each up to 7kg. Brief Case: 45*35*20cm

Hand Bag: 55*38*20cm

Garment Bag: 20 cm

Exceptions are there for passengers with infants:

Baggage Additional Allowance
Checked Baggage Up to 10kg more than usual or one piece of baggage with the maximum dimension (l+b+h)115 cm
Cabin Baggage 1 handbag maximum of 5kg for infant’s food and one collapsible stroller.

Hand Bag: 55*38*20cm


Emirates Cabin Information: Discover each class of Emirates to experience in-flight features.

  • Economy Class: Mostly enjoyable food for passengers in Economic class is ravioli pasta. They also provide the slim chocolate along with their menu. Moreover, you are provided with dessert, salad, and fruits. Amazing 16:9 responsive screen in front of seats improve the quality of flights.
  • Business Class: Have a fancy meal, cocktail, full bed and great entertainment in this class. Attentive cabin crew with a professional smile knows how to demonstrate their customers. The menu covers starters, soup, salad, and mains. Facility of in-built seat power supply and personal storage space enhance the experience. Most of Boeing flights also provide free Wi-Fi services.
  • First Class: Emirates first class suites are inspired by Mercedes-Benz. You will be offered with complementary champagne, touchscreen TV, spacious cabins, sliding privacy doors, and a lie-down the bed. Have a great dining at Emirates with regional cuisines and selection of fine wines.

Restricted Articles: There are a lot of items which can be hazardous to passengers and aircraft; such items are limited by airlines. Some new rules on carry-on bags are as follow:

  • Powder: Powder like substances over 350ml is a subject to additional screening. They must be checked-in and are not allowed in carry-on baggage.
  • Batteries: Lithium batteries or ion cells must be carried in cabin baggage only.
  • Drones: These are only allowed in check-in baggage only after removing the batteries from it.
  • E-Cigarettes: They are only allowed in hand baggage.
  • Fuel Cells: Laptop, cameras, and cell phones must be carried in carry-on baggage.

Policy for Pets: As pets are not allowed in the cabins of flight but exceptions are always there.

  • Animals must be transported as cargo but for needy passengers the case is different.
  • Guide dog of the blind passenger can travel and enter the cabin area without any charge to and from Dubai to USA and Canada.
  • All the service dogs, can travel free of cost if you provide the proof of being their service dogs.

Customer’s Review for Emirates:

Emirates is well known for the quality of its services and products. Luxurious seats for comfort, cleanliness, choice of food & beverages, in-flight entertainment and quality of meal will make you to travel with them again and again. Reviews of Emirates:

Martin Purslow says about Emirates “I’ve traveled many airlines long haul London to Australia and Emirates. The most recent flight back in May Emirates staff in Melbourne were excellent. I had to change my flights plans twice, no fuss, no problems, even when the last change was less than 24 hours before the flight. Good plans, good service, will travel with them again and again.”

Raymond Hession (Japan) says “I’m a tough Japan trained marker businessman and we have traveled with Emirates quite a bit annually. My wife and I had booked a return Europe trip but 3:15 p.m. Singapore to Brisbane sector was bought forward by 5 hours running our family day meeting in Singapore. I sent lots of illuminating feedback online asking to switch to the 8 p.m same day flight; all unsuccessful. I wanted face to face refusal before I ditched Emirates so went to the Brisban Emirates office and an outstanding Natasha and her assistant resolved our problem and restored our faith in humanity and Emirates.

Collin Haynes: An excellent trip to the Far East, very comfortable on their double-decker plane in the economy class.

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