Flying to India in 2020? Book with these top ranked airlines!

Are you planning to fly from the USA to your home country India in 2020? Well, nothing is more exciting than a feeling of being home. Roam anywhere in the world but home is home. But at the same time are the higher prices of flights worrying you? It’s quite genuine also because everybody thinks before spending bucks on travel. But while flying internationally we don’t have other options as well. But still, some websites provide you the best flights from the USA to India with the top-ranked airlines. Let us check these and then make our choice carefully.

Air India

Air India is a top-ranked airline to India from the USA. And because this is an India origin airline you will get a homely treatment and best in-flight treatment. In addition to that, the airline offers non-stop airlines to India from the top cities of the USA.

Advantages of booking in Air India:

In Economy Class between USA to India, 2 Piece (23Kg each) are allowed as a checked-in bag.

However, in business class, it is 2 Pieces (32Kg each).

Besides that, you will get a convenient arrival and departure timings.

Another best thing about Air India is the friendly crews that communicate in Indian languages.

Indian cuisine onboard is also available in Air India.

The most important thing in a long-haul flight is good inflight entertainment options.

You will also get the best seat comfort in an airplane while flying.

United Airlines

You must keep United Airlines in your options while flying from the USA to India. This airline is considered as one of the best time-saving airline. Besides that, you will get the best quality of food, service, and legroom in united airlines.

Advantages of booking in United Airlines

Here you will get fast, decent and convenient services.

Besides that, the checked-in baggage allowance for economy class is 23 Kgs.

The airline provides you the best inflight entertainment facilities.

Food quality is also excellent in united airlines.

The airline is also awarded by Skytrax for its major contribution to the aviation industry.

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines also provides the best flights from the USA to India. It is a major airline of the United States Legacy carrier. Headquarter of the airline is in Atlanta and the airline has gotten so many awards for its excellent contribution in the airline industry.

Advantages of booking in Delta Airlines

Delta airlines provide you with expedited boarding, more legroom, and dedicated overhead bin space.

Besides that flexibility to make changes, complimentary entertainment and snacks is an additional perk.

You will get luxurious treatment in the long haul journey.

Furthermore, the airline welcomes you with the finest food and drinks facilities on-board.

Etihad Airways

Who doesn’t know about Etihad airways? It comes under the category of world-class airlines in the world. One thing I must mention about Emirates is that they are very strict about their baggage policy. So pack your bags very carefully. Otherwise, it can bother you at the airport. You will be surprised to know that it is second-largest airline in the UAE. The airline serves 81 destinations all over the world.

Advantages of booking in Etihad Airways

Etihad provides the best customer support to its passengers.

Besides that, you will get the best crew service in Etihad.

Here you will get the reclined seats and extra-legroom facility.

Etihad provides you the live TV facility to its passengers.

You will also get access to lounges, even if you are flying in economy class. The difference is just you will have to pay for that.


Emirates is another favorite airline of passengers while flying from the USA to India. This airline makes sure that you will get a wonderful inflight experience. You will be surprised to know that Emirates has a fleet size of 259 and the airline serves 161 destinations all over the world.

Advantages of booking in Emirates

The airline provides you the world-class amenities while flying in the air.

You will get the baggage allowance of 23 Kg while traveling.

More legroom and excellent inflight services are an additional advantage of booking in Emirates.

Singapore Airlines

If somebody is looking forward to a wonderful world-class experience then Singapore Airlines is an excellent option for you. Because of this the only airline that provides brilliant services not only to its business class and first-class passengers but also for the economy class travellers.

Advantages of booking in Singapore Airlines

Singapore airlines offer you a baggage allowance of 2 pieces, up to 23kg each.

This airline provides you a perfectly trained cabin crew.

Besides that, the delicious food and drinks menu will make you feel happy.

It’s not just the food; Singapore airlines are very famous for its entertainment and comfortable seating arrangement.

You will get Priority in check-in, boarding, and baggage handling.


What are the top airlines from the USA to India?

  • Air India
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Etihad Airways
  • Emirates
  • Singapore Airlines

Which are top direct flights from the USA to India?

  • Air India
  • United Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Delta Airlines

Which are top non-stop flights from the USA to India?

  • Air India
  • United Airlines
  • Delta Airlines

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