Get familiar with the 9 Interesting facts of Vistara Airline

When we talk about air journeys airlines is the major factor in it. You can travel to any of the airlines which you have booked for getting the best service. There are lots of choices for the flights to India in between the airline to book for. Vistara is an Indian airline having a joint venture with Singapore Airline and Tata Sons. Here we are going to discuss some of the major facts about the Vistara airline that its customers should know.

1, Full-Service Airline:


Vistara is one of the full-service airlines. It means flying on this airline is not so costly to you. As in other airlines, you have to pay for the food and water but, Vistara doesn’t let you do so. You do not have to pay for the food and water in the airline. All the services are included in your ticket.

2, Better Economy Class:


Most of the airlines have very less space for economy class passengers. They can’t even sit comfortably in their seats. Vistara is not so. You can enjoy the extra space and legroom even in the economy class of the Vistara. Also, the seats can be reclined more than other airlines in the economy class.

3, Shareholding:


This Indian domestic carrier is operated under SIA airline limited. Vistara is launched after the partnership of Tata Group and Singapore Airlines. In order to handle the ground handle and engineering services Vistara is also in the partnership with the Air India.

4, Vistara Fleet:


The fleets operating under Vistara Airline are as follow:

Here is the information about the fleet:

  1. Airbus A320-200- 13
  2. Airbus A320neo- 8
  3. Airbus A321neo- 6
  4. Boeing 787-9- 6



5, Three Class Configurations:


Vistara airline has a business, premium economy and economy class seats on its planes that can fulfill the desires of any traveler. Other airlines in competition to it were not able to do so.

6, No discounts:


As many other airlines offer cheap fare and discounted tickets. But, Vistara has no such option for its passengers. It doesn’t offer any promotional seats. Although the airline has low-cost flight tickets offering various included facilities.

7, No advertisements:


Vistara does not spend on advertisement and marketing as it is far away from the expensive splurging. But, it is quietly making efforts to stand equally in the market. To have great progress in the market Vistara is launching new products and innovative service.

8, Loyalty program: 


Vistara has its own value based frequent flyer program named Club Vistara. Under this program, the member can earn the points based on the money spent on the fare rather than the miles traveled. This method is transparent and thus easy to understand by the customers.

9, In-flight Entertainment:


Previously there were no screens installed in the Vistara carrier. But, now it has declared the in-flight entertainment options. Passengers can watch the live stream on their personal devices. Wireless IFE system is available in all of its aircraft.

Vistara is a nice initiative in Indian airlines. Soon it will create a space in traveler’s priority list.

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