Get familiar with the Airlines having best amenity kits

Travelers who fly frequently know to perk up the airline facilities. First and business class passengers are provided with additional facilities to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Business class flights are considered expensive but these are worthy for many travelers. Complimentary food, amenity kits, lie-flat beds, fine wine, and many more extra perks are provided in return.

Some of the airlines providing the best amenity kits are mentioned below:

1, American Airlines:

american airlines

American airlines provide the amenity kits that include top-of-the-line skin care products and a screen cleaning cloth. The kit consists of a body lotion, facial moisturizer, lip balm, a dental kit, an eye mask, socks, earplugs, mouthwash, a pen, a tissue pack, mints, a credit card pitch, and a discount code for some products.

2, British Airways:


Flyers on business class flights of the British Airways airline receive top beauty products including deodorant, brush, and gender-specific grooming supplies. They offer women and men-specific bags and products. The men’s bag features Refinery’s moisturizer, along with other standard toiletries such as toothbrush and toothpaste, eye mask and socks.

On the other hand, women’s bag includes Aromatherapy Associates triple rose to renew moisturizer, hand lotion, and renewing cleanser.

3, Singapore Airlines:


Singapore Airlines has made some changes in its amenity kits by adding fabric care products. Business travelers mostly like it due to unique products of amenities in a black leather kit. The airline provides sleep suit and Salvatore Ferragamo wash bag with full-size eau de toilette.

4, Delta Airline:


Delta airline makes use of products from luggage manufacturer Tumi and cosmetics brand Kiehl’s. Delta is planning to cut down environmental waste. Recently the airline has announced to remove the wrap from the products. For some items, they have made changes like a dental kit made from an eco-friendly bamboo will be provided.

Moreover, the kit includes the French-made LE LABO’s famous artisanal fragrance products on the ground and onboard.

5, Emirates:



Emirates offers gender-specific first class kits for its passengers. In the men’s bag, one can find the cologne, aftershave, and a razor. While in women’s there is a lotion, soap, and toothpaste, deodorant, and a Bulgari travel mirror. Well known for allergen-free and Chamomile collections focused on quality. Different products include Cleansing Face Towel, Facial Toner, Eye Cream, and Chamomile Pillow Mist spray.

6, Qatar Airways:


Qatar’s first class customers are treated with Dior bags. Their bags contain Dior cosmetics, including fancy perfumes and mascara for women. The specialty of Qatar is that they provide the kits to children too; the SpongeBob backpacks filled with toys inspired by the same TV show are perfect for in-flight entertainment.

7, Air France:


Amenity kit by Air France comes in four categories for business class to premium economy. The geometric kit is designed in a variety of colors i.e blue, white and navy; blue, white and orange; blue, white and turquoise; and red, white and yellow. The kit has a complete selection of Carita facial and body care products. Other than this you are going to receive slippers, loungewear, dust bag, luxury beauty products, moisturizing cream, ear plugs, sleeping mask, pen, comb and an eye mask for relaxing.

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