Get familiar with the Features of Business Class Flights

What makes the business class flights a little bit expensive? Here we are going to discuss some features of the business class making it great for travel. Since different airline has somehow different features; some of the common ones are discussed below:

Seats: If you don’t like to sit next to anyone and need some private space then you should choose a business class. It will provide you with a luxurious journey without much affecting your pocket. There are comfortable seat with more legroom. Business class seats vary from airline to airline; some seats can be completely flat and some may bend up to an angle.

Food and Beverages: Business class flights include unlimited alcoholic beverages. You can have plenty of food here.  Food quality is different in domestic and international flights. Speedy meal comprises of an appetizer, soup, tea/ coffee, and cheese platter. Some aircraft also have a separate space for snack bar where a passenger can enjoy the drinks and sweets. In the main course vegetarian dining is available and for meat lovers, there are options available.

Entertainment: Business class provides you with in-flight entertainment options. The source of entertainment varies by the type of carrier. Here you can have a television screen for your entertainment. Here you can enjoy music channels, sports events, the latest films, news, and magazines. Also, there is a gaming option for kids to overcome their boredom.

Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi feature in business class is an important concern for working people. Now you do not have to stay away from your work during long-haul flights. Airlines such as Lufthansa, Etihad, and American provide Wi-Fi service with genuine charges; while other airlines may be somewhat expensive.

Onboard Lounge & Bars: Airlines have a new option of onboard bars and lounges in it. Latest aircraft have this feature; lounges have the unique way of table setting to make passengers feel great. Qatar airlines have a great onboard bar; new Emirates are also flying with an onboard lounge having luxury furnishing.

Services: As the services in business class are better than economic class. Here you will get the attentive and friendly staff to make you feel comfortable. The staff is so trained and efficient in business class. Flight attendants will make sure you travel in an enjoyable way. The crew members will serve you whenever you need them.

Amenity Kits: For the flights, more than 7 hours or night flights Amenity kits are offered in business and first class. Amenity kits include dental kit, sleep pack, socks, eyeshade, earplug, shaving kit, cream, lotion, and towel. Items may vary in different airlines.

Work Environment: Business class provides an extra space to make you comfortable even for your work. It includes the facility of noise-canceling headphones, charging slot, reading lamp, and extra space for your stuff like laptop, books, documents etc. Here you can work with total comfort and luxurious way.

These were some important features of business class flight but many are yet to discover. Take a chance to explore them yourself, with best flight deals from USA to India only on Trippact, which will always provide you with suitable flight rates.

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