Get Ready to Relish Lip-Smacking Traditional Indian Dishes

Indian cuisine is continuously growing its demand in foodie’s list. Traditional Indian recipe is popular among travelers due to a variety of spices that make food delicious and unique. People love to taste street food at different streets of Indian cities. You too can make this year a food journey with Trippact; so book USA to India flight tickets and we bet you can’t have this taste anywhere.

Here’s the list of dishes for a traditional culinary delight:

1, Kerala’s Feast:


The Kerala food is world-famous; not only taste but its display is too unique. They used to serve the food on a banana leaf in a traditional way which you have to eat with your hand.

South Indian state has a variety of food items from curry to pickle, chutney and fried fishes.

Onam is a Malayali event celebrated with lots of food in Kerala. This year Onam will start on 1st of September and is celebrated for days. To taste the amazing flavors book flight tickets to India and taste the assortment of coconut, banana, and pumpkin delicacies.

2, Sweet treat by Kolkata:


Right from the beginning, Kolkata is known for its Roshogullas & Sondesh. These are the most widely famous and appreciated sweets of Bengali people. Instead of these sweet treats, many items offer endless flavored sensation for foodies. You must be here for a Kolkata Biryani prepared in Awadhi style that is served with juicy mutton or chicken.

Other than this, fish curry is another salty tang for the travelers. For veg, treat has some “Shukto” made with the blend of a variety of vegetables and served the bread or rice.

Kashmiri Multi-course meal:


Wazwan is the multi-course meal of Kashmir and this mutton based feast is in high demand. It takes more than 10 hours to cook this dish. Mostly it is prepared occasionally in marriage and function.

Another mouth-watering dish you can have is Rogan Josh. After having such amazing delight you will crave for more even after your stomach is full.

For purely vegetarian lovers you will not go empty from here. Lyodur Tschaman is a very famous veg Kashmiri dish. It is a creamy turmeric dish cooked in almost every house of Kashmir.

Coming towards the roadside food surprise there are endless options in India. They are not even tasty but as cheap as you can’t even think of. Best of Indian street foods are listed below:

1, Aloo Tikki: Aloo Tikki is the best roadside treat for your snack. Mostly it can be found in the Mumbai streets with on different seamless locations. Aloo Tikki is the cuisine of Lucknow where it is served with the spicy green sweet-sour chutney.

2, Small & Hot Dumplings: In India, these are named as “Momo” i.e native to Tibet and Nepal. They are available in both veg and non-veg options.

3, Puchka/ Paani Puri: Paani Puri is the most amazing and fabulous item to have in the streets of India. It’s a perfect blend of tangy, sweet and crispy taste.

4, Soup of Thukpa: It’s a Tibetian soup famous in the hilly areas of India. In the winter and rainy season, you can have this soup of noodles called Thukpa as an appetizer.

5, Chaat: It is a sweet and sour snack comes in different varieties like Bhel Puri, Dahi Puri, and many more. It can be found in any of the chaat bhandaar.

6, Dahi Vada: Dahi vada is a savior of festive in India. It is a snack of urad dal served with chilled curd and sauce to enhance the taste.

7, Moong Daal Bhaaji: Give your taste buds a Gujarati flavor of Moong Daal Bhaaji. It is a sweet and salty flavored dish served with the chatni.

8, Kachori: Come to the deep-fried delicacies of street food. Kachori is a round-shaped item filled with onion, potato, and dal. It tastes sour due to the presence of imli chatni in it.

9, Egg Rolls: You will have the mouthwatering egg rolls in India. So, book flight tickets to India for having a wonderful food journey.

10, Amritsari Kulcha: This crispy dish you can find best in Punjab. It is a large-sized aloo kulcha served with channe. A kulcha is prepared from the dough stuffed with the potato/cheese/cauliflower as a tandoori roti.

To add some new flavors in your life come and visit India and its traditional dishes. Definitely, you are going to love the places and also the dishes. Book USA to India flight tickets for budget travel and give a change to your taste buds.

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