Here are Important Tips to Fly with Pets in the Airlines

Most people have animal partners and they do not want to leave them at home while they are on a journey. Many times you have to fly for another place and your pet is all alone at home. There is no one who can take care of them, go for a walk and even provide the food on time. So, let me clear one thing, you can fly with your pet but it depends on the airline.

This year some of the airlines have restricted the rules for emotional support animals. There are some airlines who allow the pets; all you need is a health certificate from a vet. If your pet will be allowed to fly then you should be aware of some things before you book flights to India.

Here are some tips to fly with your pet:

Make sure everything before you fly: Whether the pet will be allowed for flying or not depends on the age, breed, and size of the pet. You are the only one who takes the responsibility of a pet. So, make sure your pet is comfortable in flying, do not book the flight if the pet is sick.

Check the Rules Properly: Go through the rules for taking your pet in the flight so that you do not break any rule and end up with the penalty.

  • If the pet is small and the kennel can easily fit under your seat then you can take your pet in the cabin. The crate must have the proper dimensions as discussed under the airlines’ policy.
  • Some airlines provide the allowance for the pets to be in cargo area but they charge for it if you travel with pets in the cargo area. You can buy a cargo holder for your pet so that you can fly without worry about your pet.

Book for the pet in advance: You must notify the airline before you fly. It simply means that you need to buy the cargo space for your pet while booking your own ticket. Because there is limited space for the pets in the craft so you need to book when there is enough space available.

Feed them sufficient & Light: Before taking off to the airport feed your pet properly two hours early. Give them light food so that they can easily finish their journey. Do not over-feed them or give water just before starting the journey.

Following are some of the airlines which you can book for your pet:

Alaska Airline: Alaska airline allow the transport of pets as cabin baggage or in the cargo compartment. For additional charges and information, you can ask the airline by directly calling them.

United Airline: You can ship your dog or cat as cargo by taking them to a separate cargo location. It costs around $338* per trip. There are location restrictions so you must ask the airline before you book a flight.

American Airline: To fly with your pet you can fly by paying some charges on non-airbus planes. The charges for one way are around $200*.

Delta Airlines: Some eligible pets can travel with Delta as a carry on or shipped as cargo which depends on their size. Charges depend on the location to and from you are traveling.

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