Here’s Some Travel Savvy Tips Before Flying to India

Either it’s a business trip or a family journey, a lot of passengers fly every day. Most people are anxious about flying; this is because they do not take care of some important points before traveling. Here are the expert tips by Trippact which you must consider before flying.

Research the Trip: Read out the stuff related to your journey.

  • Search for airlines rules and restriction through which you are going to fly; there may be hidden fees that can burst your budget.
  • Check the weather conditions during travel days and pack accordingly.
  • Pre-plan your accommodation at destination city and how you will reach there.

Figure out the Airport: Check the best airports to book the flights to India. Figure out them on Google Maps.

  • Don’t stay calm after booking the ticket. Figure out the airport from where you are going to fly.
  • Adjust the timetable and related transport facilitates available to the airport. It will make you reach the airport without any inconvenience.

Choose the Seat: Sometimes you may get the opportunity to choose your seat. Get benefit from this opportunity.

  • Check for the trouble-free seats which have the direct aisle access.
  • Avoid middle seat, they are just the trouble taking place. The armrests are occupied by the neighbors in those seats.

Pre-Book Air lounge: Flights to India are long-haul and you need a comfortable space to have some rest.

  • Prebook your air lounge and here you will get a quiet environment to stay for some time.
  • With an up-front fee, you can have magazines, drinks, food and newspapers to spend your time.

When to Go: If you are going for a family trip or with friends make sure you travel in season.

  • November to March is considered the best time to travel. So, book flights to India in this season because the temperature is a little bit cool and best to enjoy.
  • May and June is also a peak season thus it can be a better time for tourists.

Pack less Stuff: Don’t pack unnecessary stuff. Check the weather conditions and do seasonal packing.

  • Try to travel with just a little handbag.
  • Fewer bags mean no waiting for luggage.
  • Pack less and travel cheaper; airlines have some rules for bag size and weight. So pack accordingly otherwise you have to pay more.

Look around before leaving: Before leaving the café, shop or restaurant at the airport make sure to look all around your seat.

  • Sometimes people left wallet, keys, boarding pass where they sit. Check all around your seat, if you have left behind something then pick it up.
  • Be attentive, as your carelessness can make you face hassles at the airport.

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