Mistakes to Avoid While Booking a Flight

Booking a flight is never a tough job, but yeah booking flights smartly is something that not everybody can do. We all make some minor mistakes while booking air tickets. It’s alright but after reading this blog you won’t do them anymore. Avoiding these mistakes can save a lot of bucks. It can be related to booking flights, choosing airports, making searches, making comparison and other things. Let us check these one by one and try to avoid the next bookings.


Don’t forget to book from Alternate Airports


If you are a frequent flyer then you might know this thing that the choice of airport matters a lot. You will see a huge difference after making the changes. The thing is that when you book from or to busiest airports the flights will be costlier than the less busy airports. What you can do here is to check fares in all the near airports. And book where you are getting the lowest fare prices.


Don’t Forget to Try Searching on an Incognito Browser


This is a fact that everybody doesn’t know. It makes a difference when you search in a private window. When we book in private mode we get lower prices of flights. The normal window saves your history and cookies. Because it is suspected for a long time that if you do searches on the same browser you will see the higher prices for the same search.


Don’t Book on Days When Prices Are Higher


Airfares change every day or sometimes every hour. It depends on the demand for the tickets. When the demand for the flights is higher you get expensive flights. Generally, prices are higher in the festival season and in the starting days of the week. Avoid booking this time. In case you need to travel this time necessarily book flights in advance. Pre-booking is always beneficial for you. It can save hundreds of dollars. If you are seeing higher prices, don’t book and wait for some moment. Because this will not be forever, they get change. Wait for a reasonable price and then make your bookings.


Don’t Book on Friday or Sunday


Friday and Sunday is considered as the busiest days of the week, so avoid booking for these days. The reason is very simple; these days are near to the weekend. Hence people plan their vacations and trips near these days. Higher demand or rush may cause higher prices.


Don’t forget to put Alerts


Who will keep on checking fares again and again? To get rid of this problem subscribe to the alerts on the flight booking websites. In this way, you will get notified on time about the changes in the air tickets. Now you are free to book at the appropriate time.


Don’t Forget to Compare

Some people just open a website and book flights directly. Don’t do this. If you do research you will see the difference. Different websites offer different fare to the same destinations. Hence use your smartphones and make a proper and smart booking with the lowest prices. If you think that it is a complex process then forget about it. There are some websites that offer you a comparison of flight fares on different websites.


Don’t Book a Too-Tight Connection


Don’t book tight connections, especially when you are flying by connecting flights. It might possible that your flight gets 30 minutes late, then there are chances of getting late. There are other reasons for getting late like if the airport terminals are spread out, it might take time for the security checks and all processes. Hence always book the flights with a gap. So that you can easily catch the next connecting flights.


Don’t get confused in between “Direct” and “Non-stop” flights


People generally get confused between direct and non-stop flights. Non-stop flights are actually nonstop but direct flights include some stops. Hence clear this confusion today. One more thing about non-stop flights is that they are costlier than that of direct flights.

Have you ever made these mistakes in your past air travels? Well, it’s totally fine if you had. But make sure you don’t repeat these mistakes by now.


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