Must Know Travel Savvy Tips for First-time-Flyers

Most people are born as Savvy travelers and everyone can’t be like them. As you travel regularly the mistakes are reduced and you become confident about flying.

People get confused if they are flying for the first time internationally alone. Most of the common mistakes are done by first-time flyers. But, you can avoid such mistakes and fly seamlessly. Aware yourself with the travel savvy person’s tricks and tips that you can use while you fly.

What to do if you are flying first time alone?


1. Pack less: First time flying packing tips’ first rule is “pack less”. Don’t ever think that you need to carry all your favorite dresses and sandals. Try to adjust and pack according to travel days. Overpacking may lead you to pay additional baggage charges. So, pack less and move fast.

2. Always keep necessary items with yourself: Don’t forget to carry a towel, toothbrush, paste, cream, and sanitizer in your hand baggage. It must be kept in your cabin so that you can use them whenever you want to.

3. Skip Caffeine: Don’t take caffeine added beverages before and during flight, it may change your sleeping schedule and you might feel uncomfortable after the journey. If it is possible to take a good sleep before the flight then it is well for you.

How can a long-haul journey be passed?


A long- haul journey seems boring especially when you are traveling alone. So, you can relax on that journey by managing your time. Spend some time in sleeping as much as possible after that you can read magazines or books.

Stretch your legs and walk after a regular interval of time to avoid blog clots. Don’t wander here and there if your neighbor is sleeping. Avoid moving with bare feet to the washrooms.

What cannot be taken on a plane?


For the safety purpose, airlines have considered a list of dangerous items which are prohibited. Make sure you are not packing any of such items in your bag. Also, there are restrictions in the items you carry in your carry as well as checked baggage. Both baggages have different policies under different airlines.

Should you take Pills on a flight?


Don’t take a pill if it is a mild headache or a short journey. If someone is not feeling well and isn’t able to sleep in flight then try noise-canceling headphones. Tired of everything and if not able to sleep then pick the last option of taking pills for the long-haul journey. Don’t carry unusual medicines with you, ask your doctor and keep prescribed medicines only. Some medicines can be wonky and make you feel more anxious.

Onboard Airplane Tips:


  1. Food is served according to the local time. You should eat the food as per your body demand, don’t overeat as the meal will be served after a regular interval of time.
  2. Bring a book to read on the plane so that you feel entertained.
  3. Carry first aid items like Band-Aids, antibacterial cream, and ointments for minor cuts and scrapes.

Ways to get a good sleep on a plane:


There are a lot of distractions and hassles that people are not able to sleep. First-time flyers get nervous due to the new experience of turbulence and other issues. At that situation, the best way is to sleep and forget things.

One can sleep enough on a long-haul journey if they know how.

  1. If you are sitting on window seat then lean on the window side and sleep comfortably after applying noise-canceling headphones.
  2. Recline your seats but it must be situated at an angle at which passenger sitting behind you may not get disturbed or feel miserable.
  3. The neck pillow is necessary and that really works to get a good sleep in flights. So, don’t forget to bring a neck pillow.

Reaching your destination fully rested will make passengers feel awesome. If you follow the above tips then you will be also a happy traveler like savvy travelers

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