Must-Read if you are Travelling USA to India with Infant

Are you flying from the USA to India with your baby? You must not ignore this article because when you are having an air journey with your special one you need to be a little careful are prepared. There are a number of things and rules that are different for infants especially when you are travelling internationally. Babies are a little more sensitive and you also might have a number of questions in your mind when you are flying with them. Have a look at the different rules and instructions when you are taking your baby on the flight to India  along with you.

Does your baby require a separate ticket?

If the age of your children is above seven 7 days and under two 2 years then they don’t require a separate ticket. But in this case, age proofs are required during the time of check-in.

Documents acceptable as an age proof 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Mother’s hospital discharge summary
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Passport

If you the above-mentioned document no extra seats are required to be booked for Infants. In this scenario, children cannot travel in their seat and must be seated in an adult’s lap.

Don’t you have a valid proof for the infant’s age?

In case of unavailability of a valid proof of age for the infant, full fare will be applicable on the date of booking. Besides that, the Infant will be allowed to travel only if the seats are available.

How many infants can travel per flight?

If we talk in general maximum of 12 infants can travel per flight on an Airbus A320 and in the case of ATR, the number of infants per flight is 6. On the other hand, only one infant per adult is allowed per flight.

What is the fee for Infants on board?

If you are flying with an infant up to two years old (24 months) then you will be charged a fee plus the government PSF if he or she will be sitting on an adult’s lap depending on the route.



Major airline fees and regulations
S.N Airline Infant fare* Free hold luggage allowance for baby equipment** Cost of additional seat for infant**
1 Qatar Airways 10% of adult fare 1 pushchair or travel cot + 10-23kg of hold luggage depending on route 75% of adult fare depending on route
2 Qantas 10% of adult fare on international flights 1 pushchair + 1 travel cot + 1 car seat +10kg of hold luggage on international routes 75% of adult fare on international flights
3 Lufthansa 10% of adult fare on other routes 1 pushchair or car seat or carrier + 23kg of hold luggage 75% of adult fare
4 Jet Airways 10% of adult fare 1 pushchair + 1 carrier + 10kg of hold luggage Full adult fare
5 Etihad 10% of adult fare 10-23kg of hold luggage depending on route 75% of adult fare
6 Emirates 10% of adult fare 1 pushchair + 1 carrier + 10kg of hold luggage 75% of adult fare


Do you know?

  • Most of the airlines offer bassinets only for infants up to the age of 6 months. So try to plan your trip before your baby turns to 6 months.
  • Always keep more than required baby essentials in your bag. Many stores in your neighborhood may not carry an infant formula of your choice.
  • Take-off and landing can be uncomfortable with babies because of pressure differences. Try to pat them calmly during this time.
  • You may not get enough hot water to wash feeding bottles so try to keep enough disposable feeders with you.
  • Infants are unable to talk so try to look out for signs.
  • Most of the time babies are unable to sleep while flying and keep crying. In this case, consult your doctor before getting onboard. In case the doctor recommends a dose of Benadryl syrup then give it to the baby. It is an anti-allergy medication that puts the baby to sleep for 2-3 hrs.
  • Always use filtered water for your infants. Carry your water-bottle because the quality of water can cause various problems for your child.

If you will take care of these things your baby will feel good in flight and in India as well.

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