Never pay extra on last-minute flight deals from USA to India

The primary issue that occurs to mind on booking Last-Minute flight deals nowadays are “How Much Is This Going to Cost?”.

The common understanding of how to get cheap flight tickets is not that general. Last-minute flight booking costs us a tremendous amount of money which can be lessened.

We are going to share with you booking techniques that can help you save more money and travel with comfort and ease. Using these techniques you are never going to overpay on flight tickets. So if you are planning a trip to India in a cheap or luxury class this post will help you save your money.

(*Note – These techniques work even if you are planning a business class flight tickets to India this post.)

Here are 10 way to save on last-minute tickets from USA to India


Be Flexible with the date.

If you are flying from USA to India you can save an immense amount of money if you are flexible with your dates of the tour. Consider if your trip to India is 7-14 days long, for many airlines, fares are different for different dates.

Example: For 1 day it is 1400$ the next day it can go as down as 800$. It is always better to be flexible with the dates and book your tickets accordingly.

Tip 2 –

Check the Fare Calendar.

Well, many airlines booking platforms also provides a fare calendar that can help you see the flight costing on the entire month. Choose the one that suits your plan and is not heavy on your wallet.

TIP 3 –

Be Flexible with the place

If you are planning a trip to India, list down all the major cities with International airports. Now one at a time, check the fare amount to these major cities. Many a time airlines charge much higher if you pick a city with a less frequent flight. Hence the higher connectivity to the major city automatically reduces the cost of the whole trip.

*Note – Domestic flights in India will be much lower than if you book it directly to the destination. See if you can also travel by bus or train once you are in India. As public transport is safe and cheap.

TIP 4 –

Use multiple search engines to see flight deals.

Don’t just stick to one search engine many times different search engines show different prices. So it is always better to check fare details on multiple search engine platforms.

TIP 5 –

Check the airline website as well.

Before you book the flight via third party, always remember to check the last-minute flight deal on the airline’s official website. This habit can many times save your money increased by the third party. Airlines also provide offers and cheap flight at the last moment when too many seats are vacant.

TIP 6 –

Plan in advance

If you know that you are going to travel on particular dates then this is the best way to save hundreds and thousands is to start checking the flight fare 12 weeks in advance.

Search every 2-3 days and see how the fare of the flight is fluctuating. If there is a good opportunity and you are certain then book your tickets then and there. Very minimal are the chances that the price falls at later stages.

TIP 7 –

Know how to spot a good price.

How to understand if the rate is genuine for booking or not?

That you are not overpaying, that is the purpose of checking flight fares 12 weeks before the plan is fixed. By witnessing how the fare is rising up/down you can resolve this dilemma pretty quickly.

Tip 8 –

While searching, alway select the option for 1 person.

Always check the fare for 1 person. Many airlines hold 1 cheap ticket. So if you choose to search for more than one person chances are you may skip a single cheaper seat and the cost may go up.

Tip 9 –

Look at fare for one way

Always look at the fare for one side. Many times when the platform shows both side tickets chances are that the fare prices have been increased. You can also book a different airline company in your return ticket to check if there is any fare difference. (i.e. you don’t necessarily book the same company site while return and go ahead with the one that suits you the best).

Tip 10 –

By tickets from the airline’s countries website

This trick can come in handy as you check the airline tickets check from the local website. It can come to a lot cheaper due to the change in currency.

Apart from the tips, we look forward to breaking the ice of myths that have been around flight ticketing.

Here are a few myths –

  • The particular day of the week myth: On one particular day of the week, you will get the tickets cheaper. This is not true as the flight’s fares are variable.
  • At the particular time of the day myth: This is also a myth that if you are booking on at midnight you get it less price.
  • “Incognito mode” myth: This is not true as it doesn’t matter if you check the prices in incognito mode.

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