Planning vacations in India: Best places to visit in December

Was 2019 boring for you? If yes then don’t be upset it’s not over yet. You still have time to make a tour in 2019 unexpectedly wonderful. If you have wanderlust the pack a bag, book your flights to India  and head on to your next journey.  India is full of wonderful places to visit. These places become more amazing in winters with pleasant weather and white snow. Let us explore India in winters this year and add surprising and melodious memories to your travel diary.

Thajiwas Glacier, Jammu And Kashmir

Who doesn’t love snowfall! Witness the snowfall in the snow wonderland site Thajiwas Glacier. You can warm your eyes with the scenery of this beautiful place. This beautiful place is in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the main tourist attractions of India. This charming Glacier magnifies the beauty of Sonmarg. You will see snow for miles here and the pleasant weather of the place will make your journey worthwhile. This place is an intrinsic example of natural beauty in India.

Dawki, Shillong

Do you want to see a heavenly place in December? Visit Dawki this is a place with a pleasant temperature ranging from 12 to 20 degrees. The wonderful thing about this place is it can be the only accessible from all sides. Here you can see the beautifully flowing river Unmgot River. The water of this river is so clear that a boat floating on it appears like it’s flying in mid-air. Shillong should be a must to visit place in your list of top tourist places in India for winter. You can also taste the fruity and juicy oranges near the river. Besides visiting the river you can do other activities also.  You can cherish yourself at beautifully amazing festivals here in December. These festivals are Tysim Festival, Baghmara, Pinjera Festival, Williamnagar and Tura Winter Festival.

Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Have you ever seen the tall deodar trees, towering mountains, curvy roads, and heavy snowfall all together in one place? If not then Manali is the place that you need to visit.  Manali is one of the best places to travel in India in December. This paradise-like place is like bliss for snow lovers.  It’s not just a romantic place, if you are an adventure lover you will not get disappointed here. You can do many adventurous and fun activities here. This hill station allows you to do adventure sports like paragliding, ice skating, rappelling, and rock climbing. This is not the end of the story you can also do trekking if you are a trekking lover.

Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh

The fantabulous place is one of the best places to visit in India during December. You might be wondering that what is the most special thing about this place? Its snowflake covered Deodar forests will make you feel like heaven. You will find this view more than fabulous.

This gorgeous winter destination welcomes you with the chilly breeze with a view of snow-capped mountains. In addition to that trekking enthusiasts should also visit Dalhousie in December because this month you can attend the National Himalayan Winter Trekking Expedition.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Touring India and don’t know about Shimla? Not good! This wonderful place is known as the queen of hills. This place is famous among tourists because of its beautiful snowfall, amazing weather and amazing natural beauty. You can relax after the colonial walk in the most romantic getaway in India. Get ready with your long snow boots and visit the Chail town. You will find immense peace inside you beyond the crowd and hassle of the world. The place is picture-perfect. If you love photography then you can capture several natural things and events here. You can capture all the memories and moments in the camera and your mind for a lifetime. December is a month of various winter festivals in Shimla as well. You will get to know about the Indian culture more closely in this way. Besides all these, you can do natural ice-skiing in the pleasant weather of Shimla in December.

Leh, Ladakh

Spend some time in the crystal blue ice and the adorable hills of Leh. This is the only frozen ice trek in India and it is incredibly wonderful. This is a sight to behold on your trip to India. Every year the number of tourists comes here on holidays.

The adventures experience of the Chadar trek will let you enjoy with -14 degrees Celsius temperature. Besides Chadar trek there are other amazing treks. Some of them are Sham trek, Liker to Khaltse trek and Samboo to Khalsar. Don’t forget to explore these places as well.

You will go back with a bundle of joy and happiness after this trip to India. It would be like a mixture of fun, adventure, and thriller. And there are many other places nearby where you can explore India during this tour but only if you are not rushing with time. So make proper plane and go-ahead for your next journey! Happy Travel.

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