Reasons why India Must be your Next Travel Destination

There are many countries to travel but only a few of them long-last in the heart. India is one of them with many reasons s to love it. Weather, food, people, culture, and nature are special. Try to book Business Class Flights for a long-haul journey. This will make your journey comfortable. Let’s talk about the reasons why India must be your next travel destination:

Indian Hospitality:


Indian people are friendly so thus you will feel comfortable here. Guests are considered as God in India. So, they are treated very nicely. That’s why most of the tourists are impressed with the Indian hospitality and come here again and again.

Shopping Markets:


Shopping is also a reason that many people travel to India. There are many types of the market to buy anything. Each market has the varieties of things that attract shoppers. You must go to the following cities if shopping is your main aim of travel:

  • Kolkata: Stop hitting the crowded markets to buy some cheap things and go to New Market of Kolkata. This market has more than 2500 stores famous for cheap and affordable range things. Here you can buy a lot of things such as clothes, Sari, bag, nuts and lot more stuff.
  • Cochin: There is an antique market in Cochin. Decorate your home with the antiques available in this market. Here you can find many products from different places. Bronze vessels, hand-carved wooden coffee tables, wooden boxes from China, and glass paintings will enhance the home interior.
  • Mumbai: Colaba Causeway is a commercial street in Mumbai and has a lot to offer. It has the most popular markets in the city. From colorful kurtas to the unusual wooden collection can be shopped from this place.

Indian Food:


Indian food is a brew of spice and sweet. Different regions of India have something different for you. Taste the unique cuisines of different cities:

  • Amritsar: The place is a foodie’s delight. Here you can taste Amritsari Kulcha, chicken tikka, butter chicken, and mutton chaap. Don’t miss the street side places where you can taste Makki ki roti Sarson ka saag.
  • Indore: Be ready to taste the popular dishes of Indore. Dahi Vada, is prepared in a different style here. Like a pizza base, the vada is prepared by being tossed in the air. Poha jalebi is also a very popular breakfast of Indore. In snacks, Khatta Samosa with green chutney can be found here.
  • Rajasthan: In Rajasthani food, Dal Bati Churma is a great combination. Other than this you can taste the Laal Maas which is a non-veg item. Also, a typical desert vegetable you must taste in Rajasthan is Ker Sangri.

Take a break from daily life and give yourself a refreshing time. Book the flights to India and fall in love with the Indian states.

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