Secrets flight attendants never tell passengers

No matter how frequent flyers you are there are still some secrets that you don’t know. Only flight attendants know about these and there is a reason behind everything. Everything happening inside the airplane has some logic. It includes everything from your sitting to your food. Every instruction has a logical reason behind it. So being an aware customer you must know about these things. Your duty is not only just to book the flight tickets and travel. Here are some secrets that only flight attendants know.

You can’t physically open a door mid-flight 

You will be surprised to know that you cannot open the door of the airplane from inside. That’s why it is prohibited to do. If you do so it will get you in trouble. The reason behind that some insane people try to jump out of the plane. The cabin pressure doesn’t allow you to do so. The higher the plane will be pressure. If you open the door somehow you will get out of the airplane and you could die. In this case, the plane can even break apart. That is why it is prohibited.

The plane isn’t getting cleaned as much as you’d hope

If you think that the plane gets clean frequently then you are wrong. Flight attendants aren’t supposed to help you lift your Bags. The tray table is the dirtiest place in the plane. If you want to know how often a plane gets cleaned then you will be disappointed to know the answer and the answer is very less. It just looks like cleaned. You need to take care of your health by yourself.

You may want to avoid the plane water

Do you think that the water inside the airplane is very pure? If yes then you are wrong. The water provided inside the plane is generally polluted and infected. It’s not just a saying this is the result of a survey. After hearing this bitter truth you may like to avoid the plane water. And you should. Carry a water bottle along with you and avoid the bottled water inside the plane as much as you can. It can harm your health.

Keep the shades open

You might have observed that flight attendants ask you to keep the shades open. The reason behind this is it helps them to see outside in a better way. You are asked to do so especially during landing and take-offs. Most of the accidents occur during landing and take-off. Keeping the shades open allows you to observe the situation outside and analyze the best situation to land.

You are not allowed to bring your bottles to booze

If you think that you will a bottle of alcohol along with you and booze while flying then you are in a delusion. You are not allowed to do so. The higher you fly the more your brain will get affected by alcohol. That is the reason behind this restriction.

Using the bathroom before takeoff could delay the flight

Do you know the fact that the pilots don’t fly if any passenger is in the bathroom. Once the aircraft starts there is a fear of falling always. The pilots are not legally allowed to do so. The reason behind this fact is the take-off and landing is the most dangerous time. The passenger needs to be on his seat during this time. That is why you are advised to be on your seat.

Some More

  • Besides all these you will wonder to know that the ear-buds that you use are not new they are used.
  • In addition to that, the blankets and cushions are also not washed after every flight. They are also used by someone.
  • Another important thing you might not know is that if the drunken passenger is cool and calm then its fine but if he creates a scene or gets obnoxious then he will get escorted to the security immediately after landing.
  • There is not any restriction on the amount of snacks also but only if you behave nicely. If you piss them off then you might not get any.
  • You will be surprised to know that flight attendants get paid only for flying hours, not for take-off and landing hours.

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