See What Changes are Coming in 2019 Under Different Airlines

2019 has arrived with changes in the field of aviation. The flights are moderated to give passengers a better experience.

When it comes to Business class flights people rush towards it for a comfortable stay in the journey. So, the business class is made a step forward this year with better seating. Some of the airlines are expecting to introduce new business class seating. Here are some of the airlines providing new business class seating and you must know about them:

A350 business class by British Airways:

British Airways is going to introduce a new business class product in July on A350 Airbus.

The target for the end of 2019 by British Airways is that they will have four A350s and two 777s. They expect the entire fleet to be replaced with new seats by the end of 2023. Such seats will be focused on long-haul business class flights.


  • Larger Seats
  • Direct aisle access
  • Gate-to-gate entertainment
  • Increased Privacy
  • Better Stowage

A350 Business Class by Virgin Atlantic:

Before the mid of this year Virgin Atlantic is going to introduce their new seats which will replace their seats’ herringbone pattern.

More information and the features about the seats of the airline have not been revealed.

New 787 Business Class by WestJet:

WestJet is going to introduce an ultra-low-cost carrier. Also, they are going to represent their 787 aircraft with reverse herringbone seats. It will be available for business as well as premium economy cabins.


  • Extra Legroom
  • Blocked Middle Seat
  • Free Drink and Food
  • Herringbone Seats
  • On-demand Dine

WestJet is going to install the business seats on their 737s. Also, they are planning to change their economic and business class seats of WestJet. The 787s of the WestJet have impressive interiors. In late April, the airline will start flying the plane on transatlantic flights.

Further some airlines are changing their fare plans and other facilities to attract more customers. Take a look at them:

United Airlines’ Family Seating:

United Airline is going to allow people to choose their seats. If you are going with family and need to pick the seats that are together or want the desired seat then you are allowed doing so. Such desired seats are termed as better product and they charge some fee for their better products.

JetBlue Airlines:

JetBlue is going to provide various basic economy fare options. Current fare options are Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Flex to give customers the choices they want. Basically, it is going to be the best airline for ultra-low-fare seekers. Ticket price is lowered to focus on customers and their needs.

Upcoming fare options for JetBlue customers:

  1. Blue Save: It is for the customers who want to save with the lowest cost possible.
  2. Blue: It is for the customers who are looking for offering the same day.
  3. Blue More: It is for the customers who need to change/ cancel flexibility in the airport.

These are some of the upcoming changes in the airlines. Book your flights to India so that you pick the best according to your need and desire.

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