Tips for female Travellers in India

India is a wonderful destination to travel to. The beautiful and amazing destinations of this country will make you feel the best. From sky-touching mountains to beautifully flowing rivers, from mind-blowing waterfalls to mysterious caves you will get every essence of nature to explore. But are you worried because you are a female traveler? If yes then your concern is genuine but it’s not that being a female traveler it is impossible to travel in India. You just need to be a little more careful nothing else. Here are some important tips that you must consider as a female traveler in India. Rest everything is fine, just book your flights to India  without any fear and enjoy your trip to this beautiful country of diversity.

Be culturally aware while travelling to India


Be culturally aware when you are travelling to India. India is a culturally diverse country. You will get to know people of different cultures and religions here. It is an ancient and culture-rich country and very different from the western culture. Just try to blend in because you cannot change it, so there is no need to fight with their beliefs. You will see cultural differences after every mile here so keep your heart and mind open to the new cultures.

The best idea is to start your trip with a home-stay where you can learn a lot of things. This will help you a lot to learn new things about the new culture.

Always be confident and assertive rather than being polite

Rather than being polite be confident, positive and assertive. Being a woman you need to look confident not only in India but in whichever country you go. Travelling to India is fun but it is challenging as well. Besides, that be assertive and hold yourself well. Don’t be polite unnecessarily because being polite may be taken as a sign of weakness. Don’t you ever afraid of speaking out if you are not feeling well at any point of your trip. If somebody is taking advantage of being a foreigner in any way speak out loud, tell other people or in the worst-case scenario you can shout also. It can be eve-teasing, any case of cheating or misbehave. Make them feel ashamed of themselves. If you speak-out loud people nearby you will come to help you up. If you want to avoid all these problems learn to ignore light things.

People might try to click selfies with you. Say no if you feel anything inappropriate. And if a family asks you to click a picture with them in a decent manner then take it as a compliment and don’t disappoint them. There is nothing bad to be in group pictures.

Cover up and dress conservatively

You might know that India is a conservative country, especially for women. Showing skin is not acceptable in India. So while packing your clothes, keep this thing in your mind. Try to pack covered clothes in your bag. Besides that respect the culture of the country and don’t try to say anything offensive about it. Covering yourself will save you from unwanted attention. Western tops, dresses and revealing clothes will provide you the unwanted attention which is not safe sometimes. If possible try to wear Indian light-weighted covered clothes. It will help you to blend in. You can buy this kind of clothes anywhere in India. You will be surprised to know that shopping in India is quite cheap.

Covering cloth doesn’t mean you have to wear a long sari. Just wear decent and less explosive clothes.

Try to copy the local women

India is well known for its cultural differences. You cannot make a rigid perception all you can do is copy local women. Because if you are going to major cities then nobody is going to pay much attention to you even if you are wearing jeans or any other western clothes. But if your travel plan includes small cities or villages then you need to be careful with your dresses. So it’s better to copy the local women. People of India are quite kind and generous. If you ask any women for help they will never refuse. Avoid wearing strapless tops especially in backward areas.

Avoid traveling or wandering alone at night


Women in India generally don’t roam around alone at night. Still, if you need to go out in case of any urgency then prefer to book the cab rather than walking on roads. On the other hand, if you are out for some work then make sure you come back at your residence on time. You can book a cab by using Ola and Uber. If you are traveling in any public transport then avoid traveling in any public transport with no other women in it.

Don’t arrive at a new place in late night

You should always plan your travel, even when you are with your male friends. And being a solo female traveler it is a necessary thing to plan it because you are going to a strange place. It is not that you need to think negative always but safety is very important, you don’t know the culture of that place. Would you like to wander around in the midnight? Definitely not! You must know that India is famous for its scams on the bus stand and railway stands. This can be the dangerous night of your life. In any case, it has already happened then don’t think for a minute and book a safe hotel nearby. Start your new journey with a new morning.

Beware of cultural differences and how you relate to men

Though India is changing day by day, it’s not like you can’t trust anyone at all. You can trust people but be careful. It’s not applicable only for men. It is for women and children too. Women in India generally don’t talk to anyone. They pass smiles easily to everyone neither they flirt with anyone so easily. And Indian men consider it a gesture of yes or flirtatious nature. So think about it. Don’t be friends with everyone. It may lead you in trouble.

Never ignore your intuition or gut instinct

So many wonderful and incredible things can happen to you in India. It’s just you have to open your mind and heart. You will be amazed by seeing the hospitality of the Indian people. Just go with your intuition. Not everyone is waiting to harm you.

You will be surprised to know that in a country like India people use mobile phones more than the toilets. So always buy an Indian SIM card and use it if you feel unsafe at any time. You can use several applications by using the internet which will make your journey more comfortable.

These are some important things that you need to keep in mind while traveling to India. It’s not that India is unsafe for women travelers, it’s just women traveler needs to keep some things in mind and also they need to be self-aware.

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