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Tips to Avoid High air ticket Cancellation Charges

Air travel is so common these days that every day lots of passengers can be spotted at the airport. They may travel for many reasons such as business meeting, family function, vacation trip, and any other cause. People tend to book their flights very early so that they can grab the cheap flight tickets for their journey. But, sometimes a situation may occur when you have to cancel your journey. As a result, you have to cancel your ticket pay charges for it. What if we tell you some secrets of getting rid of high cancellation charges of flight ticket?

So, let’s talk about these tips:

Canceling a ticket means you end up getting too little in return after getting penalized by the airline. Customers are allowed to cancel a ticket at no cost within 24 hours of purchase if the ticket is purchased at least 7 days prior to the departure date. So, if there are slight changes in your plan then take actions immediately to save your money.

If you have canceled your ticket due to the death of a family member or your travel companion or have jury duty, you might qualify for the fee waiver.

Buy Additional services close to the date of departure:

Since if you have booked your ticket you might need additional services too. Buying additional services such as a meal or additional baggage is not a good idea at all. Once you have confirmed your journey then you should buy these because there will be no change in the prices of these services even if you buy them closer to your journey day.

Buy Zero Cancelation Service:

Some airlines provide you an option of zero cancellation fees at a low charge. If you buy this service then you are exempt from the cancellation charges. But, go through the terms and conditions carefully. If you fly without canceling the ticket then the extra amount you paid will be gone and if you cancel the ticket then you can save some amount as per the plan.

Look for Flexi-Fair:

Don’t always look for cheap flight tickets. This is because it does not provide you many benefits for other services. If you need to change or cancel the flight then try for a flexi-fair than an economy ticket. You pay a little more and are benefited with free date change or canceling of a ticket. Different airlines have different rules for it to go through their policy first and then book a flight.

Rescheduling is better than Canceling:

It is better to reschedule than to cancel. This is because canceling a ticket costs a lot. If it is possible to reschedule then do it because you have to pay only the fare difference and some charges for it. Rescheduling costs you less than the cancelation loss. So, in case if you think that you can travel months after than the departure date then you can reschedule the journey rather than canceling.

In this way, you can easily avoid the high cancelation charges of the ticket. The best way is to plan your journey before you book a ticket.

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