Tips to Sleep on a Plane in an Economy Class

Not everyone has a superpower of sleeping anywhere. And when we talk about the air journey having a good sleep is very important. Because of the lack of good sleep leads to restlessness, dizziness and mood swings. Everyone is aware of the fact that when you are flying having a good sleep is a difficult task especially when you are flying in an economy class. Economy classes are generally pocket-friendly flights but when we talk about the comfort zone you might have done a little bit compromise. But wait! What when you are on a long haul journey like from the USA to India or from Canada to India? You can’t sacrifice your sleep. You should not. Don’t worry here are some tips to sleep on a plane in the economy class. Just try to follow these tips in the flights to India  or other long haul flight journeys and have a dreamy sleep in the clouds.

Pick your seat wisely

This is the first and foremost tip that you must follow. You might have not observed that the choice of your seat directly impacts your sleep. So choose your seat wisely. Try to choose a window seat when you have a choice. It saves you from bumping other people in your arms. Some airlines have a few rows of economy seats upstairs that are more peaceful than others. Besides that, you also receive a quicker service here than in the main cabin. So try to book your seat in the upper cabin tab on the seat map while reserving your seats.

Use that travel pillow around

You can make the best use of your travel pillow to have a wonderful sleep. You can easily flip around the pillow and support your chin. If you are conscious about your health as well then try to carry your travel pillow. Because you will get a used pillow in the flight, not every time you get a fresh set of pillows. To avoid any kind of contactable diseases you should take care of this fact.

Pack lavender scented products

Do you know that Lavender is good for asleep? No? Don’t worry this is true. It has been proven from the research results that Lavender increases slow-wave sleep. Furthermore calming and soothing properties of the lavender also help to reduce the stress and relax the muscles. So you should pack some lavender scented products in your carry bag. They will help you to induce sleep. You can spray some lavender perfume on your scarf or pillow for a better experience.

Download a meditation app

If none of the above techniques is working on your sleep (though it won’t happen) then you can get help from medication apps as well. Take a deep breath and give rest to your mind. Several apps will help you out in this situation. “Headspace” is one of them. Don’t forget to download these apps before starting your journey.

Lean back

Flopping forward or sleeping in the meal tray will hurt you and you won’t even get a good sleep. To have a good sleep you must lean back and close your eyes. But don’t do the mistake of crossing legs. Sit with uncrossed legs position.

Avoid coffee and Alcohol

If you are a coffee lover or want to sip alcohol while flying then it is harmful to your sleep. Caffeine takes a minimum of 6 hours to filter through our body system. Besides that alcohol also harms our body. This is the reason that you should avoid both before and during the flight.

Try natural supplements

Though you should not take natural supplements it’s also important to have an essential sleep especially when you are on a long-haul journey. In this case, the person thinks about the supplements. You should not take anything that makes you less conscious. But you can rather use natural supplements these are less harmful. They are also useful for relaxation and combating muscle stiffness.

Do not disturb

There are chances of getting disturbed or getting woken up by the meal services. In this case who won’t be annoyed? If you are sitting with a friend then tell him that you are sleeping and don’t let anybody wake you up, on the other hand, if you are flying alone tell any crew member about your sleeping plan and also tell them to not disturb you.

Buckle over your blanket

Also, don’t forget to pop your seat belt on over your blanket. If you do so then if there would be any turbulence or while landing, you won’t get abruptly awoken by someone.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You must wear comfortable when you are on a long air journey because your clothes impact your sleep a lot. Avoid wearing fashionable clothes because they are uncomfortable and you will have a problem in getting good sleep. Wear some simple and sober clothes on your journey.

Use an eye-mask

Eye-mask is very helpful to get a good sleep. Buy an eye-mask before your flight and wear it during your journey. Your eyes will feel relaxed moreover you can avoid the extra lightening with the help of this mask. Extra light is the first obstacle while we are trying to sleep; eye mask easily blocks the extra light.

Noise blocking headphones

The next obstacle is noise. You are not flying alone so you cannot expect a peaceful environment on the plane. To deal with this problem you can use noise-blocking headphones. They help you to block the sound of surroundings and you will not feel disturbed. You should buy these headphones before starting your journey.

Listen Music

Some people have the habit of listening to music before sleeping. Yes, it helps. When you listen to soothing music with your eyes closed then you will be dreaming after an hour. So keep your headphones along with you and enjoy the journey.

These are some useful tips that will help you to get a good sleep. These small things save you from being restless and you can enjoy your air travel easily.

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