Top 10 Packing Tips for USA to India first time flyers

Each day lots of travelers travel from USA to India. Most of them are frequent flyers and know the hacks for getting it done easily. But, new travelers stay all time confused about what to pack and how the journey would be. So, here we have collected some points that would be useful for them while packing.

Some countries don’t allow you to enter until you have documented forms of all immigration requirements. So keep them in priority if you wanna fly down to India.

Also, make sure you have hard copies of all your travel documents. Some of the security check officers will ask you for a hard copy of your e-ticket.

Must things to Pack:

1, Insect repellent is must; you may need it anytime that you can’t even think of.

2, Carry sickness bag if you have motion sickness. Most of the people used to feel anxious in the flight so it is better to take prevention.

3, Keep some cash with yourself that can be used when needed but not too much.

4, Pack closed-toe shoe and a pair of walking sandals and flip flops.

5, A mini-sized quick-dry towel, money belt, water bottle, sanitizer, and a comb.

6, USA to India is a long journey so earplugs and noise-canceling headphones are a must. These can be used in the flight while sleeping and roaming around noise Indian places.

7, Water purification tablet is must because it is not necessary that you get pure water everywhere in India.

8, Keep zip lock bags with yourself. They can be used anywhere to pack liquid and foodstuff for the safety of clothes.

Packing Tips:

1, Airlines have mentioned the baggage size for International flights to India. So, buy a proper sized bag that is allowed to carry. Measure the size including wheels and handle. Further, the weight of baggage is also mentioned.

2, Check out the baggage policy of airlines and then start packing so that you can exclude the prohibited items and limit the restricted items.

3, Remove the tags from your new clothes. They may increase your baggage weight in grams.

4, Create a list of items that are necessary and pack them in priority.

5, Make your bag different in the look by applying a tag in it so that you can easily find it near the carousel.

6, A separate bag full of toiletries so that you can easily find them from a single pack rather than looking in the whole bag.

7, Breakable items must be packed in the center of the bag in between the clothes and flexible items at the corner.

8, Pack electronic items such as power bank, power adaptor, laptop, camera, and tablet with safety.

9, Put essentials in carry-on and other things in checked baggage.

10, Keeping liquid and other stuff separate so in case of leakage your clothes should stay safe.

Make sure you check all the rules and regulations otherwise you will end up with a heavy fine. Be sure about what you can carry and what you can’t avoid unnecessary hassles.

Hope these tips will be helpful for your next trip packing.

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