Travel Tips and Hacks to Fly India in a Low Budget

Still daydreaming about beautiful lands, sky-high mountains and inspiring adventure in India?

Then you just need to make a call to book your flight to India. Are high rates of air tickets worrying you? Don’t worry there is a solution to it. There are many tricks by using them you can book a flight to India almost free. So, don’t wait and get ready for the ultimate travel adventure in India.

To travel in a budget make sure you follow the mentioned points: 


Traveling cheap means you take advantage of every perk you are getting from every corner. You only need to find the ways by which you can lower the cost of flying. For this, read and search enough to get experienced with the flight booking procedure. For those who aren’t aware of the procedure can also find many ways to lower the expenses. Make travel your priority and fly overseas. With the right budget and the right mindset, anyone can change their travel dreams into reality.

How to make your flight tickets Cheaper? 


1.>> Use the Sharing Economy: Use the sharing economy to get cheaper accommodation by using the sharing economy like rideshare, tour guide, and local guide. Further, you need to check out where you can find the cheapest available market, restaurant, and hotel at your destination city.

2.>> Know where to find the deals: There are many travel agents and online websites who claim that they will give you the cheapest available flight deals. Let me tell you that not everyone is genuine. You have to be smart and alert before you book a flight with them. Contact a genuine and trustworthy agent or website to get a good deal for your journey. They assure that when you fly all things are done in advance so that you can fly conveniently.

3.>> Use Travel Cards: Many travel cards give you various benefits. You just need to sign up for a few travel credit cards and collect miles. Some cards provide you the signup bonus around 50000 points. These miles and points can be used to purchase a flight ticket. In this way, you get the ticket in fee or almost free. Get ready to book your flight tickets to India at very less cost after getting the signup bonus and reward points by cards like Chase Sapphire or any other.

4.>> Travel around off-peak travel times: In India, there is a long list of travel spots and travelers throughout the year. In the peak season, there are high airfares due to more demand for seats. Airlines used to increase the airfare to gain more profit. So, always fly in off-peak season and get the ticket at a low price.  

5.>> Choose a Budget-Friendly Destination: It would not be fun to fly for the city that is too expensive and you have a limited budget. Decide your budget, pre-plan the journey and choose a destination that fits in your budget. Know about the place where you are going because you have to go to the city where everything is cheap. Food, accommodation, transportation everything needs to fit in your budget. 

6.>> Book in advance: The simplest thing to remember, book your tickets in advance. In booking, you may not get the lowest available airfare but it avoids you from getting stuck in looking a flight ticket in the last moment. Also, the airfare isn’t so high that time so it wouldn’t be costly to you. Just be sure about the trip and book your flight tickets in advance.  

7.>> Travel at Night: As everyone knows that flying is expensive and distance has a great effect on it. When preparing the trip to a different country it is better to look at what option of airlines you have and what are the prices of flights. Sometimes there are similar flights but the night travel seems profitable then book the night flights. Take care of one thing “how safe is the destination you are traveling to”.

8.>> Bring own Snacks and Food: Some flights include food options and some may not. So, always book a flight to India that compliments you with free food. Because food in flight is expensive; if your ticket does not include food then come with your favorite food and snacks and avoid additional expenses.

9.>> Use the Miles: Its worth joining a frequent flyer program and getting the benefit of the miles/points. As a frequent flyer, you will collect some miles. After collecting enough miles you can use these to buy a next flight ticket for free or almost free. Also, you can ask for an upgrade to your ticket.


What are the Hacks for budget travelers?


  • Compare the ticket price across various websites, airlines, and airports.
  • Look for online discount coupons.
  • Check the destination based deals on online websites.
  • Be flexible with dates of flying.
  • Search secretly for a single ticket.
  • Get free access to lounges at airport.


How to get free lounge access in Indian airports?


You just need a safe space to have some rest and for this it would be wrong if you splurge money on the entry of lounges. There are different ways to get free access to the lounges where you can get free food and other facilities.

Such benefit can be availed through various credit or debit cards some of them are Rupay card, MasterCard credit card or Platinum Debit card.

So, get ready for your next journey to India that is pocket-friendly as well as good enough. Don’t let barriers ruin your vacation plan. Just use these tips and fly for an adventurous journey to India.

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