Travel Tips: Check Handbag Essentials for Long-Haul Flights

Packing bag for the next journey? Excited? Great! But pack carefully. Because you are going to need some necessary items during your long haul flight that needs to be in your handbag. You can’t unpack your bag again and again for these little things. A lip balm to a hairbrush everything is required to be in a bag which is handy so that you don’t have to face trouble for searching these tiny things. Let us make a list of these things and then start keeping these in your small bag for ease and convenience. This is a must do thing before booking your flights .

Noise-canceling headphones

It is well known that you will need some source of entertainment when you are on a long-haul journey. In this situation, music is our true friend. So don’t forget to keep noise-canceling headphones along with you. It helps you to enjoy the music and they are of another use as well. There will be some time in your journey when you feel like sleeping your body demands a peaceful environment but as you are travelling with other people so it is quite impossible. In this case, noise-canceling headphones are like a savior to you. They will save you from outside disturbance and help you to get a good sleep. Indeed, they are also available in airplanes but before you, other passengers also have used them. There are chances of getting any kind of infection. Hence it is better to use your headphones.

Scarf or shawl

A scarf is a must-carry thing in your handbag. At some moment, your eyes want to relax. You can easily put this scarf on your eyes. Rather than using the blanket provided by the airline try to use your cotton scarf. You can also this scarf to wrap yourself in the flight.

A pen

Imagine yourself in the heights of the sky. Several thoughts will scramble in your mind. Convert your imagination into the words. You will feel good and entertained. You can easily utilize your time in the heights of the sky in this way.

A hair tie

If you are a female flyer then you must know the importance of a hair tie because you cannot keep your hair opened for a longer time. Hence you must have a hair tie to tie your hair in the middle of your journey. Hence rather than thinking about this in the middle of your flight it’s better to carry a hair tie in advance.

Eye mask

Everyone is aware of the role of an eye-mask. It saves your eyes from extra light and helps you in sleeping. Always pack an eye-mask in your handbag especially when you are on a long haul flight. This super soft and cozy eye mask will also relax your eyes.

Back up battery

Always pack a portable power bank in your bag in case you don’t find any charging port in the airplane. Because it is very important to keep your mobile devices charged. Most of the airlines have USB ports though. But still, it’s better to have a backup than regretting later on.

Face wipes

 You are advised not to put heavy makeup on your face during your air-journey. But if you can’t stay without makeup then you can do light makeup. But what if at any moment in the flight you need to remove this makeup. There can be some moments where you can feel heavy or itchy because of makeup? In this case, you need facial wipes. You can easily remove your makeup by using these wipes. Face-wipes also help you to freshen up.

Mini deodorant

You should know that smelling good is important than looking good. A good smell always makes us feel fresh and attractive. Our mood also depends on the smell around us. Hence don’t forget to pack a small deodorant in your handy bag.

Lip balm/ Moisturizer

Your lips can easily get dried on higher altitudes. To avoid this problem you need to apply a lip balm on your lips. It will help you a lot to keep your moisture in your lips. You can simply use a moisturizer also for this purpose. However, moisturizers can also be applied to your body. It is the best way to avoid dryness.

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