What to do when your check-in luggage is Lost or Damaged?

What if you are expecting your luggage at the destination but you couldn’t find it? It is an unexpected situation so people get confused and start to panic. It is not the way to react at the airport when you have totally lost your checked-in luggage. You have to be calm and follow the appropriate procedure for the lost/ damaged baggage.

Some basic procedure you must follow to get your lost luggage:


1, When you notice that you are the last person standing along carrousel waiting for your bag and there is none left. Then let me clear you one thing that your baggage is mishandled or lost.

2, First of all, keep in your mind that you are going to leave the airport either with your bag or with the PIR (Property Irregularity Report) form.

3, Reach the baggage claim office:


Stay calm and find the baggage claim area where you can file a report for your lost luggage. Ask a member at the customer service desk to file a report for your lost luggage.

You have to provide specific details to file the report of your missed luggage:

  • Your name
  • Flight information
  • Information about bags such as color and size
  • Your phone number/ email address
  • Description of lost bag


4, In the report, don’t forget to include the identification number from your claim ticket. After that airline members will start locating your bag and if they are not able to do it under a limited time interval you can ask for reimbursement for the items present in your bag with the help of this filed report.

5, In case, the airline is not able to provide you lost luggage within limited time interval which they have mentioned you can ask them for a claim.

If Your Bag Is Lost Forever


1, If the airline declares that they are not able to find your luggage or it is lost forever; then ask for the compensation.

2, Each airline has different rules regarding compensation for lost luggage which you will be given.

3, You will not be provided with the 100% compensation for the items and even if you are claiming for the expensive items then you have to prove the presence of the item in your bag.

How to prevent the loss of luggage?


1, Tear the old travel tags from your bags and place a tag with your name, address, and destination airport on your bag.

2, Try to bring a suitcase that is uncommon or with some patterns so that to avoid mishandling of your luggage in someone other’s hand. Avoid black color bags that can be found in everyone’s hand.

3, Keep your necessary items in your carry-on rather than checked-in.

4, Most of the luggage is lost if you check-in very late thus try to arrive early.

What if you find the luggage damaged?


In case if you find your luggage damaged, dented then you can ask for the cost of repair, or a replacement of bag.

What if an item is stolen from your bag?


If you are worried that a single item is missed from your bag then it is very difficult to ask compensation for it. Because you have to prove the presence of that item in your bag and that is too difficult.

It is a well-known fact that dealing with lost luggage is not so easy. But, these things will somehow help you in a situation when you are not able to think properly. Also, those who are not frequent travelers will find it helpful.

Be active, follow the above steps and you’ll be just fine.

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