Why Dussehra is celebrated?

Festivals come and fill the feeling of happiness in our hearts. No matter how stressful our life is going on, after celebrating together with family and friends we feel very much relieved. And India is especially famous for its festivals. The diversity of this country is very vast so the number of festivals. Dussehra of India is a world-known. Besides that, it is celebrated in different manners in different religions. Every culture has its own beliefs. But every belief is unique and interesting. Nobody wants to miss the chance of visiting India. So plan your trip to India and book flights from the USA to India online on Trippact easily. Spend your holidays while celebrating in this beautiful country with your family or friends. You might be curious about the fact that why do people celebrate it in such a grand manner? So we will reveal the stories behind this secret. Though there are two stories that we are going to describe to our readers.  According to Hindu mythology on this day Lord Rama has conquered over the demon Ravana and also Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahisasur.

The victory of Lord Rama


It is said that good always wins over the evil. On this day Lord Rama killed the devil Ravana and won his wife back after one year. Goddess Sita was his wife, and she was carried-off by devil Ravana by pretense. After that Lord and his brother Lakshmana searched for Maa Sita, and they finally killed the demon. Everyone was so happy on this day; everyone celebrated the killing of Ravana and gloriously winning of Lord. And after that, every year people celebrate Dussehra on the same day with grand celebrations. To express their happiness people enlightens the lamps, cook delicious cuisines, burn the effigy of the devil and pray to Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Hanumana and Goddess Sita. Lord Hanumana was a monkey God and he helped a lot while searching Goddess Sita.

The Killing of Demon Mahisasur


Another story according to Hindu scriptures is that: on this day Goddess Durga (Goddess of power and strength) killed devil Mahisasur. He was a buffalo God and he was a devoted worshipper of Lord Brahma. After the tough worship, he got a boon from Lord Brahma, according to which he can be killed neither by a God nor by a man on the face of the earth. He wanted immortality. Furthermore, he was mad at his powers. That needed to end. But nobody could be able to defeat him after the boon of God Brahma. But according to the boon, he could be killed by a woman. Mahisasur believed that no women on this earth can cause any harm to him, so he accepted the boon. Now he started attacking Trilok which means three worlds according to Hindu mythology. Everyone was so worried and scared. And because of the boon, nobody could defeat him. Now everyone went to Lord Vishnu for the help. Then they decide to create a powerful female divine and that how they gave birth to the Goddess of power. She had the powers of God Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv altogether. Now Goddess Durga killed the demon on this day. And it was on the same day we celebrate Dussehra. People worship the Goddess of power and strength magnificently and gloriously on this day. Taking part in the splendid Durga Pujanwill provide you with another level of energy and enthusiasm. People sing holy songs; they dance together and play with red color. The red color is a symbol of energy, passion and power. This Puja is famous in Kolkata especially. The fiesta is celebrated for 10 days continuously with the same level of excitement and devotion.

When Dussehra is celebrated?


It is generally celebrated in October. However the date is not fixed every year, it generally based on Hindu calendar. These years it is on the 8th of October.

Which places are famous for the celebrations?


Famous places in India for this festival are Delhi, Kullu, West Bengal, Gujrat, Mysore and Kota. Every place has its charm in celebrating this auspicious manner. You can’t compare them.

Famous Rituals


> People put Tika on their forehead on this occasion. In Hindu families usually, daughters perform this ritual.

> After that burning of the effigy of Ravana is another famous ritual of this day.

> People in West Bengal do Idol Visarjan. Visarjan means submergence of tableaus of Goddess in the river Ganga.

> In West Bengal, Sindur Khela is another beautiful ritual. In this married women play with red color.

> Praying Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Hanumana, Goddess Sita and Durga in the night is another ritual on this day.

> Some people also worship Goddess Saraswati on this day and worship the books and the tools of education.

> Some people start learning dance, art and music on this auspicious day.

> On this day people cook Satvik food. (Pure-vegetarian)

How can make you this day special?


If you want to make your day special on this occasion then buy some gifts for your dear ones. You can also give sweets to your neighbours and friends. This will leave a smile on their faces and blessing for you.

How it is related to Diwali?


It is related to Diwali in a manner that on Diwali Lord Rama came back to his home after the killing of Ravana. Diwali is another popular festival in India. It is known as a festival of lights.

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