You must be aware of Customer Service Plan by Etihad Airline

Each airline has its rules, regulations, and policies. Here we are with the customer service plan of Etihad Airline. If you are one of them who are going to fly from USA to India; make sure to have a look at this article so that you follow the right procedure. Moreover, in uncertain conditions, you will know how to overcome it.

Cancellation, Delay, and Diversion Notifications: There may be some time so that airline may delay in the departure. It may be due to weather condition or technical problem. At that situation, the airline is responsible for providing the notification of the flight status. If there is a delay of 30 minutes in a flight then the airline will provide the updated status of the flight.

They provide information in the following ways:

  • In boarding gate area of the flight
  • Via Flight Information Display Screens
  • On Etihad Mobile App
  • On the official website of the airline

Baggage Delivery:

  • If the baggage does not arrive with you then ask the representative in the baggage area. One can file the missing baggage report
  • After filing the report it is forwarded to the World Tracer baggage tracing system. After that, you will be able to trace your bag online by entering your name and report reference number.
  • If your bag has not arrived within the time you will be notified daily with the update of the bag by airlines’ local baggage service company.
  • If you are at the foreign country and your checked baggage has not arrived on the flight then the airline will compensate with all reasonable expenses.
  • If your baggage is not returned to you within 7 days then the complaint is registered in the headquarters of Etihad Airways.

Facilities for People with Special needs:

  • Passengers who need special care can be provided special attention to the request.
  • Their aircraft has an onboard wheelchair to assist the guests with reduced mobility during a flight.
  • During long flight delay, the people with disabilities are accommodated by the crew members to make them feel comfortable.
  • Their requirements are fulfilled by the crew members on the aircraft during the tarmac delay.

Delay Compensation: The airline will provide the denied boarding compensation to a guest based on the arrival time.

For the delay of up to 60 minutes, there will be no compensation for the delay of 1 hour to 4 hours the airline will provide 200% of one-way airfare but no more than US$675.00. For the delay of more than 4 hours, the airline is responsible to provide 400% of one-way airfare but no more than US$1,350.00.

Refund Compensation: You can request for the refund of your booked ticket within 24 hours of booking without any penalty. The refund request is preceded within 7 days. For credit card purchase it may take around 20 days after receiving the request.

For a ticket change, you have to pay the fare difference for the new ticket. If the ticket is of lower cost than the previous one then you will be refunded the fare difference.

Tarmac Delay Policy:

  • Within 2 hours of tarmac delay after the airplane leaves the gate or touches down; the airline will provide food and water to the passengers.
  • It is assured that the flight does not remain on the tarmac delay more than four hours. Exceptions are there if the pilot determines there is a security issue in deplaning the passengers.
  • Airline and traffic control can deplane passengers if there are no disruptions in airport operations.
  • Airline tries their best to manage diversions so that delays can be prevented.
  • During the tarmac delay, the airline provides medical assistance if needed.
  • Passengers are updated with the flight status after every 30 minutes.

Make your next USA to India journey best of ever. It is possible if you are aware of each policy of the airline that can be applied in certain things.

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